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Product Review Guide in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija

A lot of options or alternatives abound when you are looking to buy good quality products online. And sometimes you do buy what you don't need or what you have to abandon because it was not to your satisfaction.

But here at Lifestyle Naija, we take our recommendations and product selections seriously. We spend quality time to peruse the vast amount of choices and available alternatives.

We deliver quality experiences to mindful explorers with a lots of needs to be met. No more spending time browsing endlessly on e-commerce stores looking for the best pick at the best price. We do all that for you.

We promote quality, enjoyable and memorable buying experiences that are sure to put smiles on your faces anytime you think about it.

We redefine living and online shopping as we know it.

How We Select Our Collections.

When researching for the picks for our list, we start by first selecting models and products from well-known and lesser-known manufacturers and trusted online stores in that particular category. 

Next comes the thorough analysis of these models to learn more about the lastest standard and innovation in that industry. The basic features, standout aesthetics, consumer benefits and pricing for such a product are the determining factors during the survey process & analysis.

Not only that, we also go through consumer reviews and feedbacks on these products within and/or outside their sites to actually see if they are capable of fulfilling their claims and discover what other users and consumers have to say about the quality, satisfaction and usability of these items.

After that, the list is reevaluated and those items we found that are worth it are chosen. These are items we will love to personally own and use and which we are sure you will love to use too.

Our Core Values

We at Lifestyle NAIJA explore and come across a lot of lifestyle products on a daily basis. And there are a few things that get us ready to go; thoughtful designs, made to last, money well spent, customer-approved.

These values are at the core of our selection phase for all the product reviews.

  • Thoughtful Design & Craftsmanship
  • Timelessness, Style & Durability
  • Good Value for the Money Spent


While we may try to cover as many products and brands as possible, it's impossible to completely cover all the amazing stuffs this world has to offer. 

And also we don't personally buy and test these items. While we may really love to do that we can't at the moment. So for those products we have seen and have contact with, we draw ratings from the users, concerning the functionality and general feel of the product and how the user compares that product to others they had used or handled.

Please Note: Lifestyle Naija is user-supported, so if for any reason you find my product recommendation or review to be awesome and you make a purchase through my link, I may earn a commission which comes at no cost to you. 

This enables you to have access to Lifestyle NAIJA contents for free without payment of any kind. And by the way, we always strive to promote quality customer approved products and the result is a win-win for everyone.

So there you have it, the product picking process for LSN recommended picks.

For suggestions, tips, recommendations and complaints please contact me through my contact form on my homepage.

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