About LifestyleNAIJA

Welcome to LifestyleNaija Blog.

A Lifestyle blog with a different flavor.

Lifestyle Naija was born out of the need to contribute my little quota to the growing online space in Nigeria while endeavoring to push a new way of doing things as they have never been done.

Starting out as a side project, the goal is to become a media of reference for anyone seeking worthwhile and quality online information on anything lifestyle in Nigeria and beyond. From trends to innovation and day to day decisions, all in a bid for a better lifestyle.

I strive to sort through all the chaff and bring you the ‘facts' with the purpose of leaving you a bit better than I met you. At least unpretentious, not in words alone but also in action. And if you have been in for something like this, then this is for you, the ones who want to pioneer the change we seek.

Looking through these pages, you will discover actionable hacks and tips, thoughtful ideas, inspiring stories, quality brand mentions, surprising places, real icons, one of a kind experiences and a new path to better, elevated living. 

I intend to uncover the good things this country and our world holds and how you can make the most out of what you have. I am sure you have had enough of the doing things the same old way and so it's time for something fresh, new and incredibly inspiring.

This space is designed for the innovative, the adventurous, those who are curious and those who aspire for something better. Not to drive personal interest but to learn a new way, a different view. 

I hope to champion a new wave in the Nigerian space and show that we all can also do better now than how we did before. And that means one thing, we have to move together, because together we build and motivate better. Our togetherness is our strength (don't forget that).

So welcome to our journey together, a one-of-a-kind journey. A journey we hope will ignite the flames for a better you and me; a better Nigeria and a better world. Not only in words but also in action.

Behind The Scene.

Lifestyle Naija under its new ownership, is brought to you by none other than a young man, who himself wants to learn more about his nation and his world. He goes by the pseudonym, Victor Love.

Everyday he keeps asking himself what can be done to make the country and the world at large, a little bit better and enjoyable, and beginning with something like the internet will make for a good start.

As an engineer in training, he strives to do more as he grows in knowledge and skills, God willing.