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It's the day of the internet and many people can't live life as it is if this technology called the internet is taken down, even for a day. You don't believe me? Tell someone you know to not use his/her phone for two weeks and just read books. I guess that will be one of the most painful punishment, if that person happens to be someone who his phone is like a body part to him. We are all guilty of it in one way or another.

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In recent times, we have come to depend on not just smartphones but a whole lot of personal gadgets and devices. Talk about your tablets, high performance gaming laptops, iwatch etc. The list goes on and on. And not just that, lot of products are on the market, with mind-blowing specs that you definitely can't comprehend, and have a hard time picking what you want.

Some people go crazy for lastest releases and love hunting for them. They subscribe to their favorite gadget YouTube channel or that Facebook group and whenever there is a lastest news they are on it. An “aah" from Apple or a “mhm" from Samsung is big news to them.

And so for dealing with these smart tech lovers and the ever growing range of technological gadgets, offline stores can't keep up. If you live is a place like Lagos or any of our big cities, then maybe you can have access to one or two gadget retailers or markets with colossal inventory but if you are like me living in small town in Ondo or a growing town in Delta, shopping online is your best bet for access to the innumerable tech gadgets available and getting the specific one you need.

And to my surprise, shopping online has also become popular in our big cities, because it is one thing to feel the urge to buy a new smartphone, it is another thing to actually buy that phone. The price of a phone at a local store can make you scream while online you can get a good deal. Even a reduction of 1-3k can give you better value for your money.

A tablet Top online gadget stores in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija

Why An Online Store May Be Better Than An Offline Store.

In an online store, you can view as long as you want read as many specifications as you like do lots of research without having anyone disturb you except your network provider telling you that your data is exhausted. You barely can do any of that in a regular brick and mortar store. Who has the leisure to be attending to one fellow while people who mean business are waiting.

You can see that aside from the fact that you won't have anyone hurrying you to buy and leave, buying of gadgets online is mostly beneficial to you. It saves you money, you click to buy when you want to, you can search for good deals or wait for special promos periods and you don't have to move from one store to another looking for a Note 12 pro because all the stores you've visited exhausted their stock on Saturday and you have to wait another week.

So, to keep that from happening, I have brought you the list of possible online alternative to your favorite offline plaza. Why waste your fare going from one store to another, while you can get a smartphone, open your browser click a few url and have that item delivered straight to you, in the comfort of your soft couch. Of course we shouldn't waste more time, online is the easy way.

Top Rated Online Stores You Can Buy Your Personal Gadgets In Nigeria.

So being time conscious, here are some of the best online stores to visit, so you can buy what you need in form of gadgets and technological devices. It doesn't matter the type of device, the OS or the brand, the stores featured on this list have you covered and ready to take on the task of delivering your next personal accessory. And below this list you can read my tips that can guide you when you buy gadgets online.


One prime online store in Nigeria to buy your gadgets is Jumia and they stand as the number one spot for all your tech devices. You need a phone, a laptop, a smartwatch, a PC, just name it and you can find one for yourself in here. As a renown online mall, they stand firm for all types of shopping.

Looking for a newly launched product or you need a fairly old model that is still under production, you can get them on Jumia. They have partnered with a lot of brands like Infinix, Tecno, Hp, Samsung and many others, so that when you need products from these brands, your best stop is Jumia.

Aside from being a store with a large assortment of products, Jumia also makes online shopping something worth considering by giving their customers regular price cuts. When you visit, you can get access to promos that can make your online shopping beneficial in more than one way. 



Another popular online smartphone and technological device store with a Nationwide reach and quality services you want is Konga. Konga stands as one of the top stores in this country.

They stock a lot of products from a lot of vendors. Prices for each product vary but you will always find good deals for any particular product you need. You just have to dig deeper for abit if you don't find it on the first page.

On this store, you have access to a lot of brands and models spanning all types of gadgets and devices. Prices are competitive for each product, there are good returns policy and you have good/beneficial payment options to choose from. What more do you need.



Slick Mobile is another online store to pay a visit to when you need good quality smartphones and accessories. Their prices are good and they give out regular weekly deals and promos to their shoppers. Paid deliveries arrive in 72 hours. Very fast 

Their product range covers smartphones, game consoles, personal gadgets like headphones, earbuds and the likes. You can't buy a PC or a laptop here but, you can get popular phone and gadget brands on this platform. There's a complimentary 365-day aftersales services for phones you buy here. They help answer your questions on your new product and see how they can help your settle any issues you might face.

Also, if you are short on cash and you really need a new phone, Slick Mobile has you covered with their buy now pay later service. And you can also buy reliable fairly used phones and accessories from their site. 


A laptop and a desktop. Top online gadget stores in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija


If you need an online store with a massive collection of smartphones, tablets and personal gadgets, you should look no further than Kshopey. This store prides itself as the only online store in Nigeria with the most massive products selection.

On this platform, you get daily deals and offers from popular brands and models, competitive prices for other devices not on promo, pay on delivery that is available Nationwide and lastly you can buy whenever you want and pay later. With them, money won't stop you from closing deals.


Pointek Online.

Standing as one of the leading wholesale and retail stores in Nigeria, Pointek was established in 2005 to be a preferred phone sales and service company. Fast forward to a few years back, Pointekonline operates one of the best online gadget stores in Nigeria. They have three physical locations, two in Lagos and one in Effurun, Delta State.

They sell smartphones, laptops and other accessories from every major brand that operates in Nigeria. They are partners with the likes of Apple, Samsung, Infinix, Tecno, Vivo and many others. So when you need a new Samsung laptop or that latest iPhone, at least you know where to visit.

When you talk about services, you have the pay on delivery option for those who are still doubtful of their reliability and the trade-in service for both cash or a new smartphone. No matter the brand or model you own, you can always get some good cash for it or add little money and get a newer and better device.


Just Fones.

Justfones is an online Nigerian gadgets store which operates both online and offline from its physical location situated in Lagos. They sell and deliver quality products to their online and offline shoppers. 

But you shouldn't be deceived by the name, Justfones because they trade in alot of techs and devices and not just phones alone. They sell tablets, smartphones, computers, games consoles and accessories etc. And while they may not stock up on a lot of products like other stores, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

And some things that make JF a good place to visit is their Nationwide pay on delivery, buy now pay later and their smartphone trade-in service which is specially made for Samsung and iPhone users. 

When you need to get a new phone and the one you're currently using is no longer exciting, you just have to visit their offline store in Lagos with your phone, the accessories and extras. Your device is evaluated, you add some cash and Bam! You get a new phone.


Tips for Buying Gadgets Online in Nigeria.

1. Research What You Want (Read Products Description).

Most of us, whenever we need a new gadget work by recommendation and reviews. If we need a new smartphone or a laptop we usually check for picks online and discover a new product we love, we read reviews and watch videos, Next we make purchases and it ends up being a different thing.

What you might not have discovered is that even under a single product there might be variants. Like a pro and lite version of the same phone, or a phone with 3gb ram and another option with a 6gb ram. 

Business laptop. Top online gadget stores in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija

These discrepancies can be sorted out if we actually read and go through the product description before we buy. If it doesn't match with what you want, don't buy.

2. Buy During Festive Seasons.

Except it really doesn't matter, or you need a new device urgently, most times it might pay to wait a few weeks or some months, so you can take advantage of special promos and price reduction.

Sometimes it might not even be price reductions. It might be some extra add-ons, like an earbud or a phone case or any accessories that can add value to you purchase.

3. See the Delivery Fee 

I don't know why, but I kind of like discovered that even for the same location, some products cost more for delivery than others. I don't know the reason for that, I might decide to find that out later but for now you should always check how much does the delivery cost for your particular item to be delivered to your location.

4. See And Test The Device Immediately It Arrives.

Whenever you delivery shows up, it is your responsibility to make sure everything is intact and in place. Open the cartoon, check all the add-ons. See the charger and the cords. Charge the device, see the manual, just do a complete general check.

While you may not have the delivery man wait so you can fully charge and power the device, you can clarify that things are in the right place and it's hopefully working.

5. Read the Delivery and Returns Policy of Your Store of Choice.

This is for your own good. Be sure you have read and understood what the policy addresses and how it works. You don't want a story that touch. Good experiences, like that of unveiling a new property should be a thing of joy, not of regret.

When you have these things sorted, you shopping time will be an experience you won't forget. The process will just be flowing smoothly that with time you won't remember that you once wasted time and effort moving from one store to another just because of buying a new iWatch with your own money.

A desktop computer. Top online gadget stores in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija

Final Words.

While offline shopping is still very much popular, online shopping is quickly overtaking it to become the choicest and most easiest way for people to buy their gadgets because it doesn't matter the type of device you want; a smartphone, a laptop or a mini processor, there is always an online store you can trust with selling that product.

And with that, you can stay well ahead of the shopping trend and have others follow behind. And when you pals ask how you were able to get that slick model for so low a price, you will simply smile and tell them how old fashioned they are, simply looking for treasures offline when all they had to do is...

Go online...

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