6 Online Stores To Shop For Quality Bags In Nigeria.

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When you need good quality bags, either for schooling, traveling or running errands where do you buy them? A boutique or the general market I guess. Do you know you can get good quality bags, no matter what type and build you need, online? Yes you can buy good bags in a lot of online stores here in Nigeria.

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Bags are accessories that play a major role in our day to day movement. You take a bag when going to school or to the office or church, you take a bag when traveling or visiting. To most people, me included, bags are like a favorite, trusted and loyal companion.

And we all know that we don't just take a bag alone with us for a leisurely ride, just to show the people around that we own beautiful bags. No of course not. Bags perform a lot more than just appearances.

You may have forgotten why bags are necessary, but let me remind you the importance of good bags.

  1. Bags just like shoes, compliment your overall look and appearance. Both as a guy and as a lady you can stand out with a unique and specially designed bag.
  2. With a bag you can transport you belongings easily and without stress. 
  3. Bags provide space to keep things for future use. Say things like a lip gloss, face mirror, small comb. Your bag can help you carry them without other people knowing.
  4. They don't just make carrying your belongings easier and less stressful, with a bag you can carry more than you normally would have carried using your hands and head alone.
  5. They make for safe relocation or transportation of certain goods like gadgets and electronics. Your laptops, cameras, sports equipments etc, can be easily and safety transported over long distances.

So if for any reason you might have forgotten the use or importance of bags, I have done well to remind you. 

And as per the earlier stated points, you might have been able to deduce that though bags perform a lot of functions, all bags are not created the same. There exist different types of bags.

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There are the traveling bags like the carry-on bags, suitcases, holdall, weekenders and those with wheels. Others are regular handbags which include those special leather bags for work and those with beautiful metal handles.

So today, having know the need for quality bags, I want to give you a list containing some of the best online stores in Nigeria where you can get good bags. Not a bag you buy then you end up regretting it because it couldn't last a whole month before it was destroyed.

On this online stores you can buy any type of bag it is you are looking for, with prices that range from cheap to expensive. If you are in need of brand name products you can get them in any of these stores. And not just that, you have your products delivered to you in good time.

Top Online Stores To Buy Good Bags In Nigeria

So without further ado, here are some of the best online stores to visit, when you need bags that are both durable and of a good quality.

At the end of this list, I have prepared a buyers guide loaded with important tips to keep at the back of your mind when you want or buy your next bag.


From kids school bags to adult backpacks, roller carry on to soft body travel bags, there is virtually no type of bag you want to buy that you can't see on Jumia. The leader of online shopping on Nigeria has gone way past that level.

The advantages of picking Jumia, are numerous and they exist beside the enormous stock the store sells. On Jumia, there is always something to buy. Be it brand name bags or unbranded bags, it is available waiting to be picked up. 

If you are low on cash and you need something that matches your budget visit Jumia. You need an upgrade in style the sellers on this platform can really help you get what you want.

Visit Jumia.com.ng.


Konga is known as a store where the prices of goods don't have to bore a hole through your pocket. The amount you have to spend doesn't matter. In fact, immediately you enter the bag categories the first line of products are super cheap.

If you are in need of expensive bags or budget friendly alternatives you can trust Konga with that. They never fall short. In their store you can find both branded and unbranded bags.

So either you are want to buy crossbags or handbags, large size traveling bags or mini make-up bags, they have you lots to choose from. It doesn't matter your gender or age, there are lots of cool and gorgeous bags to take home.

Visit Konga.com


Coming down from the high horses of the top two shops is another shop that although is not as popular, will not easily lose out in a bag fight. That is due to the incredible collection of female handbags, purses and small daypacks.

Ebeosi is home to some of the best bag designs you can look for in the online space. Prices are moderate as it spread across ranges. So with as little as ₦7000 and some time spent, you can buy some good bags here.

But one thing to know is that they only sell female bags and general hand bags. If you are looking for real backpacks, laptop shelves or travel bags, this place is not for you.

Visit Ebeosi.com.ng

Brown ladies handbag- online store to buy bags in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija


If you need to change you pretty worn handbag to something new and eye-catching, cartrollers won't fail you. While they don't have much items across categories, their handbag collection is superb.

You will find lots of vibrant colors, quality constructions and thoughtful designs in their stock. And each piece has an equivalent price tag on its head. The lowest price across the board is ₦13000± and it can rise up as high as ₦70000.

When the time comes and you need a designer handbag you want your friends to be envious of, come here.

Visit Cartrollers.com


To me sojoee is synonymous to a bag shop. Do you know why? The amount of bag types available on the store is simply overwhelming. They are lots of items to buy, designs to like. Products are so good you have a hard time making a choice.

From laptop bags to school bags, handbags to totes, clutches and purses sojoee has it. If you need leather bags made with croc leather, you can find it on sojoee.

Colors and textures are so different that each bag carries a unique embellishment that separates it from the next one on the shelf, giving it its own unique appeal.

Visit Sojoee.com

Laptop Bags.

Ever see a laptop shelf and all you thought about was how your laptop deserve a shelf of its own? If you need shelves like that them turn to Laptop bags. They have quality laptop shelves in abundance.

Aside from well made shelves, you can also buy quality messenger bags and suitcases. Sturdy backpacks for laptops are available at good prices. 

Delivery is not a problem as they offer pay-on-delivery if you are within Lagos. For those ordering outside of Lagos you have to pay so your item can arrive in time.

Visit Laptopbags.com.ng

Buying Guide When Shopping For Bags Online

This section contains tips and important bits of information for you, information you need so you can shop satisfactorily for your product.


Check to size of the product you want to buy. Always try to map out how the product will look in real life based on the parameters given by the seller.

Weekender bag- online store to buy bags in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija


Know the materials used for the construction of the bag. They affect how strong the bag is and how long it will last.

  • All materials are not made the same way. They are those that are good for carrying load and those that are not. Find out which it is and decide.
  • Also some materials last longer and look better with age while some others go bad quickly. Take for example, a leather of high quality can get better as it ages and can last a long time, a low quality one will peal off in no time and the bad becomes a waste


If possible, try to really look at the item you want to buy with the eyes of a tailor. Are the seams strong enough to last repeated use? Try to know it, most especially if you will be using it for heavy lifting. I am sure you don't want to buy a bag for ₦15000 and replace it next month.

Final Words.

With these information, I know you have all you need to make better choices when you go buying bags online. And not only making better choices, with these you know where to look for those better choices.

Happy shopping.

Victor Love

A Student and a learning Entrepreneur wanting to know more. I'm open to advice, tips, partners and critics alike. Let's do better.

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