5+ Nigerian Online Stores To Turn To For Quality Footwears.

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No matter how expensive an outfit is, it cannot be complete without an equavalent footwear. You and I know that one of the best ways to obtain quality footwear in Nigeria is shopping these quality shoes from the most remarkable online stores.

Shoes are not only made for you to walk-in, they are made to compliment your style and they very well define a person. They are necessary for making powerful first impression on people you meet and in places you go.

Here's a quote that shows you the power of shoes. “You'd have to walk a thousand miles in my shoes just to see what its like to be me.” –  Eminem. Telling you that your shoes does a lot more than an accessory.

As we all know not all footwear are created the same. There are numerous types and each type is prepared to address different scenarios. Though there are blurs that carry over from one type of footwear to the other, there are some lines you can't cross.

6 Must-Visits For Quality Footwears In Nigeria.

So today, knowing the importance of good shoes and it's effect in your overall body image, I have decided to present to you my curated list of top online shoe shops that operate in Nigeria. Places you can expect to get the best from.

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These shoe shops deliver on both quality and quantity. There are a lot of designs to choose from and products available from across a wider price spectrum. It doesn't matter if you are working with a tiny budget or if you have a lot of money to spend, you can always get something to help yourself with.

As always this list is not for everyone, you can always get good shoes at a regular boutique in your location and if possible can get one for less than ₦10000 and after repeated haggling you go home empty-handed or you settle for a relatively cheap option which lacks the required quality.

However you don't need go through with that when you buy online. You can simply visit a shop like Jumia, filter out their categories and you will be welcomed by a lot of footwears with unique and special designs. The type you didn't even think of.

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And adding to that, you can get special discounts and promos that can enable you to get that branded shoe you are thinking of purchasing but it's too expensive at your local retail store. You get more value for your money. The only issue then will be your delivery fee which varies based on location.

So to make things easy for those who want to buy their next sneakers online, I have prepared a buying guide below the list to help you shop better when buying products online. These tips enable you to have an upper hand and helps prevent returns and dissatisfaction with your purchases.

Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list. For more online stores, you can visit these articles on the best Nigerian online stores for male wears, must visit shops for female wears and the best places to shop for baby/kids supplies.


It doesn't matter what types of footwear your are searching for, you are sure to find that in the Jumia online store. Lots of products are available spanning a wide range of prices. 

Male or female, a child or an adult, Jumia has something for everyone. There are also brand stores that stocks products of a particular brand, making jumia a perfect destination for brand lovers.

Visit Jumia.com.ng


Another store with lots of items to pick from and shocking price cuts and reduction is the Konga shop. You can always get something to buy no matter your budget level.

Here you will find lots of brand products but not with the level of consistency as Jumia. All types of footwear you can think of is available, you can easily search for the item you are looking for. And if for any reason you can't find it, lots of alternatives abound.

Visit Konga.com


“Shh, let's make your walking do the talking", was what I met on visiting this store and I want to say I was impressed by the way the store was presented. Properly arranged catalog, nicely presented products. Indeed, it's a place to shop.

This is an online store for men though, so anyone visiting should either be a man or a woman who need to get quality men's shoes. Their prices are affordable and products are top notch. In short, you have to let them SHOE YOU SOMETHING.

Visit Naijafootstore.com


When you need an online that can cater to your needs no matter what gender you are then you can pay a visit to shoelayers. This store sells and delivers quality footwear's not only in Nigeria but across West Africa. In their catalog you will find lots of interesting things to own.

Their products are not only interesting, they are affordably priced, so as to be gentle on your pocket and budget. Here you can not only buy all kinds of shoes you can also get nice accessories to compliment you entire look.

Visit Shoelayers.com

Shoepify Stores.

The ladies in the house will love this one simply because this store speak the shoe language. And when I save shoe, I mean quality pieces that can make you easily standout while being pocket friendly.

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Whatever is it you need, sneakers, trainers, ladies boots, heels, flats, mules, just name it and you will find it there. They stock both popular and unpopular brand names and they know how to pick really good shoes. You will love them.

Visit Shoepifystore.com

Fancy Soles.

Fancy sole is another mix gender online retail store with a focus on footwear alone. Man, woman, kid, you can always get something to walk-in after you pay a visit to this shop.

Prices are more of a middle ground between moderately expensive and cheap. If you are with say like ₦10000 you will have a hard time getting something worth it, but above that, you will love visiting this shop.

Visit FancySoles.com.ng


I really didn't want to include this store on this list. And do you know why? A lot of people will really not in a whole lifetime pay this shop a visit. Their products and prices are just too expensive for a normal person.

Items are top of the line, brand names are world reknown luxury names and only one product bought can cause your bank account to be in a minus. However, if you can shell out over ₦100,000+ for a pair of shoes, then this is a perfect spot for you.

Visit Ninostyle.com

Buying Guide For Buying Footwears Online.

  1. Know the type of footwear you need and the type you want to buy. See the picture and description containing the materials, colour, structure and size of the product.
  2. Know your size. I can't say enough of this. You should see the measurements as it pertains to the size. Because if you should buy what happens to be a different size, you will either give it out, sell it or return it. Why stress yourself, when you can just know your size and get your size.
  3. See the delivery information before you buy. Don't buy before you think about how the product is suppose to get to you. You should know that delivery fee differs so always know how much it costs you before you buy.
  4. Make sure to shop from a reliable store. There are alot of scam shops and there are reliable ones. Keep yourself and your money safe by buying for a reliable online store.
  5. The last thing I will say is that, you should buy your shoes at times when you know you can get good bargains based on promos. During events like the Brandfest and blackfriday, you can get lots of special deals that can help you buy that Chelsea boots you really wanted.

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Final Word.

I guess the reason you might have landed on this article is because you are in need of help on how to go about shopping for good shoes online and I am sure that with this you can begin.

Now you know the stores to visit and things to keep at that back of your mind. And with that you have been armed with what you need to know. So all you have to do is begin.

So to round it up, I leave with this quote by Christian Dior. “You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.”

See you.

Victor Love

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