Best Online Groceries And Food Stores In Nigeria.

Best grocery stores in Nigeria - lifestylenaija

Who buys groceries these days from the supermarket? Me and the guy next door because we can actually just do a 10 mins work to a nearby street store or pay ₦150 and we are in the market. For those who know that they would rather not visit the market or the super market this list of online grocery store in Nigeria is for you.

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This post is special and a lot of things will go into it and before we move on, I want to clarify some things. This post is basically for food items and supplies, not cooked food. But nothing stops me from referring to any online kitchen within the text. Where an online kitchen is available, I will note it down.

With that noted, most people, the group that is fairly ignorant of this business, will wonder if food stuffs can really be bought online. All I will tell them is to visit and see their grocery section, if they find anything there it automatically means that thing can be bought online

Nowadays, it doesn't matter what you want to buy. Rice, beans, wheat, tomatoes, fruits just name it. You can buy and get it delivered to you. Just ask the cruisers of big cities, the likes of Abuja and Lagos, and they will tell you what help online shopping has done for them.

And although they use it alot, it does not mean online grocery shopping works for big city livers (not liver as in organs but people who live there) only. With retailers the likes of Jumia and Konga, you can buy packaged grocery and have them delivered to you. Fresh food stuffs can be delivered everywhere but cooked food delivery is reserve for this who reside in our big cities.

With the presiding paragraphs, I think you must have gotten the concept and how the online buying of groceries work. So you don't have yourself doing ‘watin pass your power'. 'The result fit no sweet you'.

Reasons For You to Shop Groceries Online

Best grocery stores in Nigeria - lifestylenaija

Why should I shop for my food stuffs online might be a question you are asking and you might have not really comprehend this online thing. So to help you with that, I have listed some point below to help you know why you might need to go online for your grocery and why you can really use their services.

1. You save time and money.

Who has time to waste on visiting the local supermarket when you have a very important project to meet up with. You are no more a kid who derive joy and pleasure from visiting the local market or supermarket close by.

Though visiting the market may serve as a break from your regular work day, with  online shopping you can spend that time and the money for the transportation on something worth doing and have fun in a better way.

2. You can buy cooked meals and have them delivered to you.

As I have stated, some sites on this list offer prepared meals as part of their offerings. So if your live in Lagos or Abuja, you might no have to prepare a late night meal. All you have to do is pick up your phone and place an order, either through the website or by calling the store, and have it delivered asap.

What a way to leave a life without stress. Cooking can wait another day. Satisfaction comes first.

3. You don't deal with traffic and exhaustion.

See if you have never waited in traffic for more than an hour before, you have not started. I usually hear of people talking about Lagos traffic. I don't know about that, as I have never really experienced it. But for those who have, they recount their pains day in day out.

So I am pretty sure you would not want that person who just return from work or who doesn't even know when he will get home to do shopping on a Saturday or Sunday when he is supposed to rest. My friend! Online shopping and ordering is the way.

4. Lastly you don't have to deal face to face with their cashier. No waiting in line.

In busy cities, large businesses are always busy and so are supermarkets. When you buy online you only trade with the system and the delivery man. No waiting in line for cashier and the person before him/her. You simply pay and get your goods. Simple as ABC.

Top Rated Online Grocery Stores In Nigeria.

So having settled the basic concepts concerning this online grocery shopping, listed below are some of the best online store to visit when you need your latest supply of grocery. 

Some of these stores offer other services that might become needful for you. So keep your eyes at a ready as these are some of the things I will addressing in this article.


When you need a store that meets all your grocery needs in one place, then you can never go wrong with Jumia. Their Nationwide reach and good competitive price makes them the number one spot for grocery shopping from across the country.

It doesn't end there. Jumia has taken it some step further by partnering with top grocery brands across the nation. So when you go there to buy you know that you are getting fresh products that have both been stored and delivered under the right conditions.

Also based on location and time of order, you can also get same day delivery, that can bring your goods straight to your doorstep. They have and utilise some of the best delivery systems in the country.

The use of Jumia just doesn't end there because while there are lots of food and home essentials you can buy across the store, you get regular discounts and frequent grocery bundles that can make you shopping a pleasure.

And lest I forget, Jumia also delivers cooked meals from their online kitchen. So if you can't cook and you need an online restaurant to visit, visit Jumia's.



Another popular place to buy both food stuffs and groceries online no matter what part of the country you find yourself, is the online shop right here with the name Konga. 

It doesn't matter what you want to buy, be it bags of rice or packs of fruit juices, meat, toiletries, you can find it right here in this store.

Konga is not only popular because if their products category but because of the low base pricing you get. 

Whatever you want to buy, it just seems like the store knows how to get bargains for it's shoppers. Prices across the board is relatively low.

The wide collection of quality products, good and budget friendly prices added to their nationwide reach and dedication to customer satisfaction, are some of the many advantages that make Konga a prime spot for your next shopping spree. 


Best grocery stores in Nigeria - lifestylenaija

Apple Cart.

If you need a trusted name in the Lagos online grocery space, I bring to you Apple cart. Apple cart gives you access to fresh and quality food ingredients that can supply you the right nutrition you require. And since 2014, they have done just that to the hundreds of families they have served.

They have made things easier by giving you a functional mobile market that the only thing you need to do is to; prepare your shopping list, visit the shop and add to cart all the things you require. And although delivery may not be as fast as someother stores on this list, you goods are rightly delivered to your doorstep.

And adding to that, they also make sourcing for enormous amount of food ingredients easy for you. Either you need the supplies at the end of the year or daily, as a restaurant operator, they can help.

When you are making plans for an upcoming occasion, a party or an out reach and you will need large amount of food and supplies. Just visit Apple cart and they will have your needs sorted out in no time.



If you live in Lagos, then you must have heard of the name SuperMart, which is one for the top online food and grocery shops in Lagos. By now you might be getting this Lagos thing. Why? Because SuperMart mainly operates in Lagos but delivers Nationwide. And you can check to see if they operate in your area by visiting the store.

Their offer ranges across fresh food stuffs to other home essentials and general groceries. They sell every major product and their competitor, in their store. Prices are affordable and competitive and bundles that help you save more are constantly available for pickup.

Their delivery is top notch within those areas they operate. Their same day delivery can come in as quickly as 3hr after placing your order, and they keep you posted on how your orders is progressed. With that  you can be rest assured that all thing being equal, you can time your orders and deliveries, as they arrive in due time.

And to top it off, you can enjoy free returns and replacement if for any reason you find out that a product does not meet up to expectations.


Food Locker.

As a store that stands for quality, fairness and reliability above other things, Foodlocker has endeavoured to be a one stop shop for everything food stuff in Nigeria. And when I say foodstuff, I mean the fresh-straight-from-the-farm type. 

They work by aggregating food items from both large and small scale farmers across the country and sell these items to you as fast as possible. 

And not only that, but they are consistently working to close the gap that exists between the farmers and the consumers, in the most cost effective way.

Here foodstuffs are not too pricey, pricing is regulated, shopping is easy and convenient, and if for any reason you receive bad items you can quickly return it and have it replaced with a better product.

If all you need is a place to turn to for the freshest, locally sourced food stuffs with all the nutritional value that a food can offer, then you can't go wrong with Food locker.


Other Nigerian Grocery Stores to check out.


A based in Abuja grocery store that sells freshly cooked meals, fresh foodstuffs and a lot of groceries and beauty products straight from their online store.



A place to visit for budget friendly food items and supplies. You can buy things in bulk, share amongst yourselves and have it delivered separately. They operate a next day delivery for fresh produce.

Their services are available in Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcort.


The Market Foodshop

One of the top online food markets in Nigeria, that sells quality products. Staffs are trained on handling and delivering your fresh food in the best conditions.

They also operate a food blog that gives tips on how to be a better cook.


Important Tips To Buy Food Online.

Aside from deciding that the site is legitimate and reliable, there are a lot of other things to know before you jump on the bandwagon of online shopping and that's is what this section is about.

The listed tips are not much, but knowing these tips can save you from making one or two mistakes in the long run. You should never be too careful but be careful nonetheless.

Cross-check the Delivery.

I know I shouldn't be writing an obvious tip like this and I don't care. Just make sure to check your items. Check for expiry date and manufacturing date. See NAFDAC numbers, check for seals if any. Just do a complete check.

Best grocery stores in Nigeria - lifestylenaija

You don't know what you might find as waiting to check later can help you with receiving damage products. Make sure to set delivery time to when you or anyother person is available at home to receive the delivered items.

Check area of operations.

Some stores operates in some selected locations. Even for stores operating in a small location, they are some area they might not be able to cover because of logistical challenges. Make sure to find that out before you buy from any store. 

You don't want to go through the stress of picking a meal and a store only to discover that your area is out of bounds. After that, you begin looking for another store that services your location. Why not save yourself that stress.

Check delivery time.

Each store deliver goods based on their delivery arrangements or schedule. While you can shop 24/7 your goods are not supplied with drones and even at that they are under human control.

So make sure to know the delivery arrangement of your store of choice. See that you are satisfied and convenient with it before you proceed to buy from them. If for any reason you are not convenient with their setup, look for another place to spend your money. There are alot of alternatives.

Check cost of delivery

Don't allow yourself to be shocked by unplanned expenditure. Don't always overlooked the cost of delivery, this way you can prevent hidden charges and unplanned expenses. Except of course, you have being doing business with them and you are a regular customer. If you are not please check.

So as you go about tapping on the bag of flour or box of spaghetti you want to have delivered to you, take some time to see how much the delivery costs. This can help save you the shock of receiving incorrect debit alert if you pay before delivery.


Final Words.

This article covers the list of online stores to visit for good groceries, reason why you should buy groceries online and how to make sure you get the right delivery anytime you get your goods. With these carefully outlined, get to work.

I have said and written enough. I have tried to cover as many points as I can with as many tips as I can. The onus is now on you to do what you want with it. Will you utilized it for your benefit or not, the choice is yours.

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