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You might have at one time of you life made use of your home electronic or appliance and you were amazed at the way it made your work easier and faster. That's what electronics do; make life easier, less stressful and more enjoyable and good electronics are needed for you to reap these benefits.

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When some of you, i.e those who love to touch and feel products they are interested in, are in need of good electronics say a new TV set or a new home theatre you know the drill. 

You take time to visit that electronics store in your locality, go through the rigor of reading the specs and price of like 10 32" TV's from different brands and having the sales guy explain to you each new term you come across, before you make a choice. 

Some people who lack basic tech knowledge will look for neighbor, friends or recommended professionals to get advise from them. This is a good way to go but it's stressful. 

Next, comes the transportation process. After buying your product you want to transport that product to your location and you are stranded waiting for your ride to show up or the car driver to come, that's if you even have a ride of your own or have made plans for it. 

It's not an easy task. What of if the transportation cost is expensive?. You shouldn't go through all that stress when you can save both time, money and energy with just a few clicks.

That aside, at other times, you just can't find that particular product you are so enthusiastic about and you have to make do with a less exciting alternative. Which although might be up to par just does not give you the kind of rest of mind you want.

Top 5 Electronics and Appliances Stores in Nigeria.

After going through these ordeals repeatedly, you must be looking for an alternative. The better alternative to your regular offline shopping of electronics is shopping online at refutable stores. It is easy, less stressful and saves you some cash.

I am not saying that buying electronics online is the best solution for you as everyone's situation is different, however if you want to buy your next deep freezer at far lesser energy requirement than the time you bought your sound system, please adopt this method.

Some people are sceptical of the internet shopping, and knowing how expensive electronics are prefer to do it the offline way with all its stress and time expenditure. They value their electronics because they understand it's role and value in their life.

But if you ever think of going online to buy electronics, then I will leave you with these 6 tips listed below. Keep them at the back of your mind so you don't end up regretting the decision. 

These are the major reason most people like to have personal interaction with the sellers of the product they want to buy making the online shopping thing difficult. I understand that so today, adding to the main topic, these tips will help you in that respect.

Without wasting much time these are the online electronics store that made it to my list today. Take your pick from this list and shop rightaway for some quality electronics delivered to you as you make purchases in the comfort fo your home or office.


This e-commerce giant needs no introductions to anyone who knows or might have heard anything on online shopping in Nigeria. They stand head and shoulder above most of the online stores we have in this country. 

They pride themselves on their extensive catalogue of quality products to choose from, all of those products available at good prices. And speaking about prices, they run regular promos which saves you some extra pennies, you would not get if you shop offline.

While you can be at ease when shopping on Jumia due to the trustworthiness they have built overtime, you should be mindful of the products you receive and have them cross-checked before you continue with your business.

Visit Jumia.


The second most popular destination for online shopping trips is the store Konga. They sell anything you might want to think of concerning electronics both for home and office. Talk about TVs, sound bars, kitchen appliances, ovens, toasters, generators etc. You name it, konga has it.

Trust is not a problem because the millions of customers that are satisfied yearly by this online store is a testament to their conscious attitude to deliver good products and better experiences.

If you love buying popular brands you can get popular brands of your choice in this shop and at competitive prices. When that is coupled with regular price cuts you can find really good deals and bargains here.

Visit Konga.


Another growing online store for shopping your appliances is the Latalata Nigeria online store. This shop is an electronic and technology hub loaded with lots of products to meet your every need. From heavy duty system to their portable alternatives you can find them here.

Prices are competitive across all brands and product sizes. They give you the pay on delivery option which is available on some products and other incentives to save you some money and to put your mind at ease as you buy from them.

They deliver your goods remarkably quick as they utilise the services of reliable delivery companies like Speedof Express.

Visit Latalata.


Escapade is an online store that does not only sell you quality home and office appliances, you have the ability to actually negotiate for some discount and price reduction. I don't know how that works but I think that's nice and it's different from the e-commerce style we are used to.

Aside from that you can reach out to them for advice on how to go about certain brand products. They can help you know more about the product you have in mind and bring to your knowledge possible alternatives.

They also provide some after sales installation service if you lack the knowledge of installing the new item. They help you settle down and make sure everything is okay with your purchase.

Visit Escapade.

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This would not be a complete list without the mention of this store that operates Nationwide. It is a leading distributor of LG products across Nigeria. Meaning that on their online store you can only shop for LG, Hisense and Maxi products.

With over 40 brick and mortar stores operating across the country, Fouani has become an household name in the retail space of this country. And if you are a lover of the above mentioned brands, you should pay this store a visit.

And when buying from them, thanks to the number of offline stores they operate, you know you can get your product delivered to you in time or you can pick it up yourself after making payments. You can also get free installation along with product purchase.

Visit Fouani

6 Tips to Buy Quality Electronics Online.

  1. Buy from Reliable and Popular Online Stores. Please for your own good confirm the reliability and popularity of a store. What does the media say about them. Know and understand them before you buy.
  2. Always read the returns policy of each store before you buy. Learn and know how to make returns. The type of returns allowed and the day limit of the returns. Cross check to be sure returns can be easily made.
  3. Try to speak with the person in charge of customers feedbacks and complaints. It gives you an idea of how long it takes for them to respond to their customers. Can you wait that long if anything goes wrong?
  4. Make sure to test products immediately after you receive them to confirm they function properly. This is to make sure you don't receive a faulty product. If you did, you can get the returns process started.
  5. Confirm package content before you release the delivery man or before you leave with the delivered products. Check to make sure all your contents are correct. The cords, cable, remote, manuals and the warranty should be in the package.
  6. Always look at the reviews of other customers on the site and on their Google profile. Most time a review can save you from making a potentially painful and regrettable decision. 

Need more? See this article for more safety tips for online shopping.

Final Words.

You see that shopping for your electronics online might not be as easy as you might think based on the trust factor but, with these tips and the long list of online stores, I am sure you can get started with the process.

All you have to do is to adhere to the tips and be mindful of where you pay to buy products and you should also know how those products are delivered to you. Delivery matters especially for fragile objects like the the regular flat screen TV and the smart TV.

If after all these tips, you still are skeptical, please shop offline or you can put a call across to you most visited store and see if they do offer home delivery, it might be helpful to you.

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