7+ Must Visit Online Baby/Kid Stores In Nigeria.

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Expectant, just delivered, making preparations, have growing kids and toddlers, I don't know, but you do. And so long as you are either expecting a baby or preparing for one or tending to one already, you will need this comprehensive list consisting of online baby/kids stores in Nigeria to visit for the wears and supplies for your little and growing one. 

Oh the blessing of a new born, the celebration and the joy that comes with a new addition to the family. That's what we all say and feel, the moment is wonderful. I guess some of you are feeling the vibes. But read on let me shock you.

Moms are really working hard because you know what, after that joy comes sleepless nights. I dread those times like it is not easy. Having to sleep half a night and waking up in the morning to do the chores and take care of the family. Kudos to the sisters in the house. I have come to make the burden a bit lighter for you.

For some of you out there, you might be thinking, “I am just some months in, with more to come". Don't worry you can still benefit from what is about to come on a few paragraphs.

In this article today, I present to you some of the best online stores in Nigeria you should visit as you make preparations for the arrival, growth and sustenance of your kid. Both as a baby and as a growing child. With lots of item on stock, your child gets that special investment, he/she deserves and everyone is happy.

Some of you might prefer looking for good offline baby stores to buy things from, but do you know that you can save yourself that stress by going online to shop for your supplies and get the products delivered to you. 

Baby/Kids Stores to Shop for Quality Products Online in Nigeria.

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The ease and freedom of online shopping can make the whole process less stressful even if by a little, and I know you want that. I do too. So below are stores that should be your go-to destination for anything babies/kids supplies, no matter where you live in Nigeria.

Jumia Kids.

When you need a one stop baby shop, think jumia. The mall has a lot of kid products for you to shop from. There clothes, supplies, beds, cereals, toys, just name it, and has you covered to a good extent. Infact, they have a whole category dedicated to baby products.

And one most interesting thing about all that is that the products on the platform come at a very competitive price point. So you can buy good things for your baby/kid at prices that don't bore a hole in your wallet, and have your kid looking expensive and well invested in.

Store: Jumia.com.ng


Another popular and renowned store to shop for your baby's need here in Nigeria is the Konga Online store. This store have made sure to stock on kids products from all category providing everything a baby would need for each stage of development and growth.

Prices are okay, alternatives are numerous and you can get what you want to buy or you go for a worthy alternatives. However, you will have to search deeply to be able to find what is it your are looking for, as the website really don't make it easy to do that.

Store: Konga.com


When you want a store that stock up on just a few essentials which you are in particular demand for, then you should visit the Justkidsngr and see what they have in store for you. With prices that range from very affordable to average, they have decided to focus on delivering particular items.

Not wanting to stretch themselves, Justkids focuses on just kids wears, toys, learning tools, boxes and bags. So when you need a place with an extensive collection, budget friendly pricing and ease of shopping for these products in particular, visit this store.

Store: Justkidsngr.com

Ruffntumble Kids.

Ruff 'n' Tumble is an indigenous premium brand for quality children’s clothing, shoes and accessories. The brand was founded by Adenike Ogunlesi in 1996 as a solution to the unavailability of quality kids’ clothing and to showcase the possibilities that abound in Nigeria. - RuffnTumble Kids.

If you are looking for a brand that has your kids in mind with everything products design, then your search is over because this is the one for you. This brand/store called RuffnTumble has an about statement that is a perfect representation of who they are. 

Store: RuffnTumble.com

Dafun Shop.

There are shops with kids clothes, food supplies, accessories, bags and then there are others like Dafunshop. They have taken it further by providing not just kids clothing and accessories but here you will find mum supplies, books and CDs for kids, craft kits and more.

Aside from that, many products are available to choose from, all with good pricing to make it budget friendly to shop there. But there is one more thing, you can take selected products and compare them so you can pick the best for yourself and your child.

Store: Dafunshop.com

Baby Bliss Kids Shop.

Calling itself a one stop shop for baby products is a relatively young online baby shop that is in Lagos State, it is called Babybliss. I wanted to seek how one stop they are and I found them really working hard to be it.

When you pay them a visit you will discover that first; this is a baby and kids only online shop. You can only buy baby or kid supplies and nothing else. So whatever is it you need you are sure to find it. Pampers, beds, strollers, toys etc and all at really affordable prices.

Store: Babybliss.com.ng

Must visit babies online shops in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija

Shop Kiddies Wearhouse.

With a well stocked store and products that are bound to make you kids happy, SKW stands as a clothing-only kid shop. What you find here are basically tops, dresses, pants, shoes and general wears for both gender.

Their products are easily searchable by sizes, product type and developmental stage. And you will find categories and tags like baby, little boy/girl, big boy/girl and juniors. Prices are also affordable for the most part.

Shop kiddies operates both an online shop and an offline shop. So you could pay them a visit whenever you want to. Their offline shop is located in the Lagos CityMall Onikan, Lagos and open on weekends only.

Store: Shopkiddieswearhouse.com


Another place to shop for quality baby essentials is Maysharp. In this store, you get to see lots of baby and teen items to dress up your kids in and make them appear unique, special and happy. And obviously don't have to break your bank for these items.

From the regular baby basics and necessities to teen clothing, accessories, bags and even costumes of some of their favorite heroes and cartoons, Maysharp has you covered. You can also go through their gifts category if you need something good for your young one.

Store: Maysharp.com

Babyshop Nigeria.

When you say the word; one stop shop, you should think Baby Shop Nigeria. This shop has made shopping for your baby very easy with their purpose built shop for kids and moms. Like, there is nothing you want to buy for your baby or your little kid that you can't find here.

Aside from supplying products across a wide range of categories, they also sell maternity essentials for the expectant mum and stock some fairly special baby items that are uncommon and hard to come by. 

The only issue I had a hard time dealing with though, and I don't really like, is the price for the products. It doesn't come cheap. This is a luxury shop for babies. Here anything you do is an investment.

Store: Babyshopnigeria.com


Habeebat is not much of your regular kids store, they don't operate like all others on this list. Here you won't find you normal essentials like wears, bags and such. What you find here are basically items like jalabiyas, kaftans, hijab and abaya. 

When you need some jalabiya and abaya for your kid and at fairly good price too, just pay them a visit. There are a lot of unique designs to pick from, you will be surprised.

Store: Habeebat.com


To end this list is a multi-category babies/kids shop. A shop that loves to stock beautiful and lovely kid products for you to take your pick. And although they sell products like groceries, male/female wears and some electronics, their kids section is quite inviting with it's beautiful designs and available alternatives.

Pricing are exceptionally pocket friendly, products are easy to find and they give a lot of incentives to help their customers. You can enjoy the pay-on-delivery, if you live in Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcourt. For others outside, they promise quick delivery and a 7 day return for you.

Store: Kidsbestprice.com

Final Thoughts.

Wow. What a list. I guess I have outdone myself with this. But by doing so, I have shown you how you can make things easier and better, by knowing where to look for your next kids clothes online, saving you both on transportation and time. But before you proceed see how to protect yourself when shopping online .

You know that the best investment a parent can make is the investment in their child(ren). And what better way than making sure that child get the best, both in clothing, feeding, supplies and parental love. With that you get an healthy growing child.

So I guess our parents can take it from here, a caring mother/father know what has to be done and how to go about that. With that said, for now, I drop my pen or keyboard or whatever. See you soon.

Victor Love

A Student and a learning Entrepreneur wanting to know more. I'm open to advice, tips, partners and critics alike. Let's do better.

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