Best Online Stores For Pet Supplies In Nigeria.

Online pet store in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija

How you ever found yourself attracted by an advertisement displaying a cool looking leash or a multifunctional feeding bowl, and all you wanted to do was purchase that product for your own pet? Then I am sure you must have visited your local pet shop hoping they could help you order for the product from a supplier.

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And as the case may be, they made some calls and gave you a price that was two times the price of the product in the advert. You haggled a bit for some reduction but paid quite some cash just to get that product. It really isn't a good experience.

For some others, it might not be that you find cool adverts every-other-day, but you discovered that you puppy have become a bit of a selector. It loves a particular brand of food and when that brand is not available? A season of starvation and lack of appetite begins.

Some others might just be that you are in search of a particular product, say a dog antiseptic or parasite remover and you can't find it in your local store leaving you stranded, observing each day as the tiny parasites wreak havoc on your pet and the environment, till it only can be stopped with putting down the dog and soaking the environment in insecticide.

I hate parasites, the likes of lice and ticks and fleas. When you pet is infected, you, your pet, your neighbor and anyone close to you are in for a battle because, you have to fiht against both their size and destruction. And when you lack real battle ammunition you will suffer defeat and pain.

While most of us have come to rely on local shops to get what we want, except you leave in big cities where there are super pet stores, you will always struggle to lay hands on some quality products. And that is simply because, a local retailer will not stock up on goods, people hardly buy.

If you need those items, then you make a special order for them. And you know what? It costs you more money, because you order is special.

Online pet store in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija

But you know what? With online shopping you will not only have access to these special products, you can actually have these items delivered to you while saving yourself the stress and the extra cost that comes with placing custom order to your local shop and it's supplier.

Online shopping saves you time and money, it helps make it easy for you to discover new products you don't think you need. With just your smartphone and internet, you automatically have access to far more than your local shop can sell for you. And that's a good thing.

So today, I have prepared this list containing some of the best online pet shops we have around the country. From the big names like Jumia and Konga, to other brand shops that sell their own products, these list will make it so that you won't ever be in lack of a particular product or service. Except of course, the company closes up.

On this list and article you may discover some special mentions and you may learn a few things that can help you down the line. Because as you should know online shopping don't just make it easier to get products and have it delivered to you, with it you can save more money as you enjoy promotions, discounts and bundles all while spending less time doing the shopping itself.

Best Online Stores To Buy Let Supplies In Nigeria.

So with no more time to waste, read along as I present to you some of the top rated online pet stores we have in Nigeria. And before I forget, I left you some tips and shoppers guide for when you buy your pet supplies online.

Jumia & Konga.

I don't have to introduce Jumia or Konga and I don't feel like doing that today. Notwithstanding, I will still include them in this list as they are one of the top stores in Nigeria.

Although they don't really have a dedicated category to pet supplies (I don't know why they don't), they do sell a lot of pets item and accessories. When you need something do check them out.

Now we move on to the others on this list.



Petshop Naija.

Are you are fish farmer or you own one or two pets? You can never go wrong with Pet Shop naija. This wonderful vet store has a physical location in Abuja and an online platfy where it sells all you literally need for your pets and livestocks.

Their main focus is on dogs, cats and fishes. And as such sell whatever it is the animal needs. Feed, aquariums, cages, medications and accessories like aerators. They even carry out vet specific services like breeding, healthcare, sales of pets, fish water treatment etc.


Online pet store in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija

Petshop Plus.

Pet shop plus is a leading vet store in Nigeria with lots of services ranging from the sales of regular pet essentials to medical supplies and providing educational contents for pet owners. When you visit their stores you will find out that they are well stocked with the most reliable pets brands in Nigeria.

As one of the first online vet stores in Nigeria, they now operate a lot of physical stores across the country. This makes buying and receiving products from them easy. You get products delivered promptly and prices are affordable, why won't it be easy.


Albion Pets.

If you have been to any pet shop before, then you might have heard of this name or you might even be using their products right now. This single brand makes and sells quality products ranging from pet dry food and canned food to shampoos, dog leashes and chains. Albion pets is a brand that majorly deals with dogs supplies, with a little of other pets and poultry.

This store is run by real vet professionals with over 30 years of experience in the Nigerian pet industry. Hence they know how to import, distribute and supply quality vet products at good prices straight from their online store.  


Pet Lovers.

Do you need a good quality pet supplier for yourself or your clients? You should visit pet lovers. They might be what you have been searching for all this while. This platform is an online store where you can buy and sell your pets from anywhere in Nigeria.

This store sells different breeds of dogs, cats, birds like parrot and macaw. You could even find something better there. Just make sure you have someoney to spend because their asking prices can make you scream. Here you talk hundreds of thousands.

Aside their vast collection of pets for sale, what they lack is a comprehensive supplies department. Here you can't buy anything supplies except for a few bird vitamins and munches. Apart from that, nothing more.


Online pet store in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija


This is like the most comprehensive vet store in this list. They cater to almost all livestocks you can think of. Dogs, cats, fish, small livestock and horses. There is even a category for reptiles and farm animals.

They stock on quality vet supplies both the item that are easy to find and those that are not as easy to find in this part of the world. So if you are looking for something you can find even in other store you can browse through their site. 

They operate two physical locations in Nigeria. Both are in Abuja. So you can pay them a visit if you don't want to shop online.


Tips For Buying Pet Supplies Online in Nigeria.

Know What you Want.

You don't just other something for buying sake, it has a purpose and a need to feel. So before you ever buy a thing, read the description, if it's edible see the ingredients and nutritional information. Make sure that your dog is not allergic to any of it.

When you have done that part, you can at least be rest assured that what you added to cart is what you really need not something that won't serve any purpose other than a waste of hard-earned money.

Buying in Bulk not in Excess.

I am sure you know that you don't expect to buy a single item online, like a can of shampoo. Purchasing just a single item can be more expensive because unless you live in places where deliveries are free, you might pay a little delivery fee, and that increase the overall cost of the item. So for item not that expensive, like a dog can food, you can help yourself by buying in bulk or packs.

However, if what you are buying is an item that is fairly expensive, scarce or something you just want to test out, which you happen to discover online, then it's okay. Delivery cost for more expensive items are relatively negligible. These products are expensive that why your local retailer don't have them.

When I say not in excess, I mean you don't want to buy too much of a particular product and you have a hard time trying to exhaust it before it expires. A good rule is to buy what you need for like a few months at a time for general supplies, but for food, both canned and dried, buy every two weeks to one month. Fresh stock is best expect you can store it very well.

Online pet store in Nigeria - Lifestylenaija

Search for Promos and Bundles.

Bundles are special why? They are both budget friendly, less expensive and more time saving. When you find a bundle with a nice selection of supplies your shopping automatically becomes easier and faster. If you shop online you should know what bundles are, if you don't know what a bundle is I will explain.

A bundle as pertaining to online shopping, is a selection of products for a particular purpose and to meet a particular need. Let's say you find a pet bundle. What you may find in a well selected pet skin care bundle might be a pet barsoap or shampoo, an appropriate comb/brush, pet oil and a pet approved disinfectant.

All the selected products offer discounts that cumulates into an attractive offer that most pet owners who need those items would love.

Check the Items when it arrives.

This one goes without saying, but check all the items delivered to you. Pets are very fragile beings, even if they act tough, they die or fall sick very easily. You will be surprised. You check for your pet health as it is your responsibility to keep it safe from harm.

Make sure all the expiration dates are not passed, confirm that all the products are in good condition and have being well stored. And know that a product which is very far from expiration date can go bad when stored wrongly. Dog can foods are a known culprit of this act. You might just be rearranging the canfoods and you hear a blast and an accompanying foul odour. I hate bad canfoods.

These are just a few reasons to check. If not only help your pet but it hell you and save you from spending money down the line. No dead let from food or chemical poisoning and not bad or spoilt item you have to discard because you might not be able to return it.

Final Words.

When you know a way to save yourself some money, time and stress while doing what you normally would do, I guess you owe yourself the right to trod that path. Life shouldn't be hard everyday and so is getting the things your pets need.

With the knowledge in article, you have discovered places to find good pet supplies and where to look. Not just that, you have also discovered tips to help you get those products relatively stress-free. I don't see what more you need. So all I will say is...


Victor Love

A Student and a learning Entrepreneur wanting to know more. I'm open to advice, tips, partners and critics alike. Let's do better.

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