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Online furniture Stores in Nigeria - lifestylenaija

Hunting for good furnitures should be on the to-do list of anyone with the mind of making a home feel more grand and beautiful. So it doesn't matter if you are a professional decorator or a homemaker wanting to give a perfect touch to your rooms, perusing these online furniture stores is for you.

Aside from the beautiful paints and gorgeous wallpapers, cool carpets and flooring, furnitures have shaped the feel and the aura of many homes. It doesn't matter how expensive the house is, a bad furniture can make a quest feel unwelcomed. A soft and comfy furniture matched with a good air can be all the difference you need.

Shopping for furnitures in Nigeria have always being the normal one way thing. You visit a show room, speak with the sales person and try to find the pieces that can fit into the puzzle of your home.

Others may not even go through that process. They get to the furniture showroom and decide to get just any furniture they think can fit in with their home so long as it has nice looks or they just pick any furniture set they find and take it home.

And after the buying comes the transportation. Man, you have not seen people transporting furnitures. If for any reason you don't have say a family member or close friend who owns a truck for carrying loads, pity yourself. Get ready to pay real money for conveying the item.

You pay for loading, transportation and offloading and by the end of it all, your account must have taken a real hit and might need some resuscitation. 

However, I don't need to say this but I will say it nonetheless. Times have changed and things are about to change. By the time you go through this list I am sure that you can successfully obterate more than half of your worries when next you plan to change your furniture, because you will be going online.

When you shop for furnitures online, you get to go slowly without rush, you think and put things in place, one at a time. You can go over a lot of gorgeous pieces of furniture creating the masterpiece in your mind, in such a way that it rightly expresses you and your being.

When you buy online, no matter how difficult it might seem for you to find that perfect match, you will almost always find a matching alternative because firstly, there are lots of stores to visit secondly, each store deliver looks of inspiring pieces to fit your home, the one you are building.

Online furniture Stores in Nigeria - lifestylenaija

And like I said before, it doesn't matter if you are a professional interior designer, a homemaker or a new homeowner looking to buying new pieces of furniture, a visit to the wearhouses or showrooms can get your started. Because not only will you have access to lots of products to choose from, it saves you a lot of time and make the process go smoothly at your own speed.

Best Online Furniture Stores In Nigeria.

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If I have convinced you enough with the forgoing, I think by now you should be expectant and eager to know which online stores to visit, so you can buy not just any furniture but furnitures that are not only beautiful but create the perfect backdrop you love.

And without wasting much time, these are my curated list of online stores to buy your much needed furnitures and add-ons. Let your imaginations run wild as the treasures in these store that blow your mind.


When you need a place with not just furnitures but some nice extras pick, Jumia. This store carries lots of designs that although it might not look quite as impressive as some other stores on this list, is a good place to start if you are in need of furnitures that are not too expensive.

However, when you visit this store have an open mind and you might actually find a gem or two that can meet your furniture needs, taste and requirement. And if you don't find the furniture to your taste, then at least the doll houses or the nice wall murals can make your home feel nicer.



From sturdy bed frames to sleek wardrobes, well designed desks to book shelves that make you want to build up your library on Konga, there is something for everyone to take home. And the lovely thing about it is that these products don't come at a back breaking cost.

And taking a better look in the furnishings category you will find a look of creative design that can make organising your home a joy. You can also find soft rugs and nice diy crafts that makes good first impression on your guests.


DecorHub Ng.

Do you want workstations that are so user efficient, easy to set up and easy to work in? Perhaps you need furnitures for your home like a regal chair, a sliding table or an upholstered ottoman, come right here. DecorHub has a piece for you.

You might not be interested in upgrading your home's interior, just wanting to make the exterior look welcoming. Then the collection of classic outdoor dining and patio bar set structures can be all you need for frequent evening parties.



When you need a place that speaks the language of bespoke or premium, visit the address of Lane7. This is an Abuja based furnitures manufacturer/seller who knows what it takes to deliver good furnitures not just in your locality but across the country. Their site is loaded with lots of inspiring photos that can confuse you and your choice.

Their furnitures are top of the line but prices are not available on those site. You contact them to get prices because what you buy are made to specifications. There are also generic designs but whether bespoke or not, furnitures on the platform don't come cheap. 

They also offer essential home installation for plumbing, electronics and fittings. You can also call them for repairs.


Online furniture Stores in Nigeria - lifestylenaija

Winnyz Interiors

Have you ever entered an office and you instantly fell in love with the table and the seat, positioning and the design? I am sure the person who oversaw the decorations of that office got the furniture and furnishings from Winnyz Interiors.

At Winnyz, there are a lot of designs to choose from. It doesn't matter the room of your home that needs good looking furnitures, walking through the imaginary walls of this store is all you need and you will find what you want.

If you are in Lagos, you may want to visit their showroom, as they are based in Lagos. And you could also utilize their expertise for some other, extra services.



A home that make you want to come home on time, or an office that is so comfortable, you don't feel stressed as you work towards your goals. Or is it a kitchen so beautiful that cooking is more of a joy? You can get those feelings along with the pieces at Hog.

When you lack inspiration on how to set up your room, you can always turn to hogfurniture because they have loades on their blog section, a lot of inspirational ideas to make your home achieve the level of brilliance you want it to. 



Why should your space be boring when you can make it interesting. From the home to the office, elifemate has the right ornament, craft and art to paint the canvas that is your day. You need chairs so soft, spaces that are functional, intriguing pieces of arts, conversation starters they have that and more, on this platform.

When you are in the market for sanitary wares, you can trust elifemate to have your back with their rising collection of quality bathtubs, steamboxes, faucets, shower heads basins and more.


Bedmate Furniture.

Located in Lekki with more than 4 branches across Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcout, Bedmate prides itself as a formost premium furniture maker in Nigeria. And I can't seem to argue with that assertion, because their furnitures are one of a kind. And as a premium brand, their furnitures can be quite expensive.

However, one thing I like about them is that among the seemingly expensive pieces of furniture, you can find some real bargains. No matter the kind of furniture you are in need of, you can always spot bargains if you look hard enough.


Expert Tips To Buy Furnitures Online.

When it comes to buying things online especially large items like furnitures, it becomes difficult to really close the sale. In a world like ours, every naira note is important to the spender even if he has enough and to spare.

Online furniture Stores in Nigeria - lifestylenaija

Aside the normal reluctance, the fear of not getting what you pay for and having the sofa or frames you ordered fall short of expectations really does make one weary.

But not to worry, I have prepared some very important tips that can get you started on buying your furnitures online and have them safely sent and up to standards.

The Basics.

You can read this post on knowing the reliable stores and how to buy things online safely. But if you can't here's the rundown. 

Make sure the site is safe and it has a valid ssl certificate. You don't want a site that is made to steal your credit card info.

The site should offer more than one payment method and is both popular and has good reviews. Very imporrant. 

So you can be rest assured that you are at least dealing with a reliable venture. Don't forget to read their policy on sales and returns, you might need it if anything goes wrong.

And reachout to the customer service and relate with them before, during and after your purchase. This way you can know, when they are easily reachable, the best way to contact them and the time taken to get response.

These might seem troublesome, but it can save you from going down the wrong path and regretting it later.

Look For Inspirations.

When you plan to furnish your room, you might not be feeling all that creative at the moment and might need one or two or more inspiring setup to get your mind and thinking heated.

Go online, browse through home furniture inspiration and ideas, pick the ones you like and imagine the feel and looks. Consider how this choices fit in with your own needs. Let your imaginations loose.

When you are done surfing through inspiration and ideas and have make your picks, you move on to the next stage.

Know The Measurements.

Knowing the measurements is a necessity. Here you need to know the size of your room and how you plan for it to look (that already done in the section for inspirations). What available space do you have, how high should the furniture be, the length, how easily can it be moved within and without, the room.

With that you begin your search for what you want. And you do that by reading the products description and the size parameters, as I have said before, imagine how they will fit in your room. You don't want anything to be out of place, either too big or too small, too high or low . You want everything to be either perfect or close to perfect, of course.

Online furniture Stores in Nigeria - lifestylenaija

When you know the measurements, you can work with a tiny subsection of available products, instead of overwhelming yourself with an endless number of them.

Slow And Steady.

When you are buying furnitures online, don't rush it, go slowly. If you really need the furnitures quickly, maybe a local showroom will do. But when you want to buy online don't rush it, go at your own pace.

Take your time to go through that market very well. Write things down as you progress. You might end up making one or two changes but it's all for your good.

Final Words.

Like with anything, knowing the ropes will help you avoid stories that touch. And I have tried to assist by helping you with what little knowledge I can give about the best stores to buy furnitures online in Nigeria.

From here on the choices are all yours to make. You can visit these stores, armed with these tips and pick the best furnitures of your life. It might then turn out to be not exactly what you would expect but you can also find good picks that make you want to show them off to your close friends. That's life for you.

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