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As I stated in my last article on best online stores in Nigeria, where I focused on stores with larger inventories and product categories, today I will be writing on the best online stores in Nigeria where you can shop for female fashion pieces and accessories.

Ladies love clothes. No body can argue with that. And when I say clothes I mine good quality, trendy clothes. You see this in malls and offline stores, they go crazy for the latest pieces and trends, putting on any attractive clothing they think might fit them. Now that too have gone online with the advent of online stores and online shopping.

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The Best Online Female Fashion Stores in Nigeria

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But how they want it will never change. Stylish, fashionable, creative, trendy, attractive enough to garner admiration and compliments to name just a few. With these qualities you have a lot of ladies signing up with immediate effect.

Fashion as we known is a constantly changing space and if you say that meeting up is what you are after, I am pretty sure you won't be able to, because by the time you are done you will discover that you didn't really achieve anything.

Who knows how, but these stores have done it like never before. They have made online shopping for quality female dresses, both branded and unbranded, fun and easy. They operate on a level that is not so easy to catch up with. And ladies love it.

There are a lot of online stores in Nigeria whose offers include clothes, bags and other things. But there are others whose products inventories are simply amazing and something worthy to behold, enough to keep the ladies glued to their screens and wishing they had more time to go over the inventories .

I have taken my time to go online and gone through a lot of popular and well established online stores adding in a few emerging sites, all so I can present to you the best e-commerce sites that stand worthy of your credit card transactions, especially as online shopping continues to grow. 

Be it dresses, shirts, trousers, shorts these online stores have them in stock. In these stores, you get good clothes with quality fabrics and a reasonable price tag. You shop within your budget or shop on a promo. And girl if you are in for a flunge, they never fail to deliver highend pieces from reknown brands names and have you pay the equivalent price.

And not just the clothing pieces that change based on season and trends, these sites also boasts of an healthy selection of fashion staples say underwears, inner wears and night dresses. With them there is nothing to worry about. They almost have you covered, but it's your choice to move with them.

So without further ado, let me be your guide as I present to you my round up article of the best fashionable online stores in Nigeria to shop from as a female fashionista with a unique fashion sense and take you through what they have to offer. Prepare to be amazed.

Local Women Wears Online Stores.

1. Jumia.

I kickstart this list with a site a lot of Nigerians are familiar with and that is Jumia. Jumia as an online store have gone above and beyond and has shown that they can be trusted when it comes to selling quality products online.

Jumia stands solid for the fashion shopper. Why? Because if you go through the female fashion section of the online store, you will find wonderful pieces that are nice to behold. You can keep staring at them all day and never be tired.

They offer a lot of products from what they call brand stores and when buying from these stores you can be sure to get quality products that meet up to demand. If you are someone with an unquenchable love for brand name goods, you will be hooked. Completely.

If you are not that into brand names but into good products that sell at a very affordable price, then Jumia is also for you as there are lot of affordable pieces spread across all part of the store waiting to be picked.

Aside from that, they have also made it their mission to stock on necessary women accessories. Like caps, hats, coats, watches, sunglasses, just name it. You will find it there.

The thing I don't entirely like in Jumia is that sorting the products page can be difficult and finding deals with have you going to the filter page, over and over again so you can set things right. It's kinda stressful. I do see that trend even in international sites like Amazon. So I think it's no problem.

But aside from that all other things are nice and good to go. If you are thinking of shopping online for Jumia you could do well to capitalize on the various promos that go on at different times of the year. You could really benefit from that.


2. Konga.

Coming next is one of the most popular online stores in Nigeria. The way I see Konga,  I don't really take it for a very fashionable online store. I really think they could do more than what they have going on in their marketplace. Really.

Though I have a few things I want to tell them, Nigerian ladies have being trusted Konga to give them something good and affordable to wear for some good number of years and they have really done well in that regard. I give them that.

This is evident in their women fashion category which although looked kinda outdeted and difficult to navigate, has lots of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. On Konga, it doesn't matter how much you have on hand you can definitely get something to wear and show up in.

There is no shortage of branded items as well as unbranded item. A simple filter search will present to you a full page of brand names waiting to be discovered. Names like Hawes & Curtis, H&M, boohoo are present in good quantity. And you can be sure that you are getting a good product.

In general, the way I see Konga is good, the only issue I think I have with them is that they should at least have the stores that sell on their platform make sure to present the real dress and use good product photos. On their platform only branded goods are display with some quality photos, I really can't stand the remaining ones. And also customers bneed to have a way to review each store just like how Jumia is doing with theirs so they can make better choices.

But my own opinions aside, Konga can really do well for you, it can help you with what you want and what you need the choice is yours.


3. Afrikrea.

When it comes to a good women fashion online store, I love afrikrea for two reasons. One, they have taken African styles and designs, and made it international two, their online store is basically like no other. You can search high and low and you won't find an exact match online store like theirs. It is simply unique. I liken it to be a Haven for dangerous good independent designers.

Their product categories are simply super easy to go through when looking for what you are after. It's like a breathe of fresh air for me. Things are not as unnecessarily complicated here.

When shopping on Afrikrea, I should inform you that their products are special and you won't easily find products with a below #15000 price tag. That's is how quality their products are.

Looking for anything basically womens clothing and styles they have it in abundance. In lots of colors and lots of sizes. And one thing you should know is that Afrikrea clothing are one in a dozen. I guess you can't find a lot of people wearing that same style anywhere you are.

You may not see them flow with the mainstream trends that happens and changes anytime but when you some out with a product from Afrikrea, that product becomes a trend of its own. You simply just enjoy the complements passed to you by your fans. You paid for that.

In general, clothes here are mostly African and they are one of a kind. If you are one of a kind, which I know you are, then pay them a visit, you just might decide to stick with them for the long run.


4. Payporte.

Payporte the African women fashion store that makes you feel like you are shopping outside the shores of the country. They have decided to make themselves exceptional by choice and I love them for that.

Not only me, but quite a number of fashionable female fans can proclaim their love for this payporte and preach it far and wide.

Going through their sites is in one word, wonderful. I think before you step in, you have to make up your mind and decide what you are shopping for. Because you might actually end up buying something else, when you had the intention of buying a different thing.

I think payporte exceptional women focused fashion pieces were made possible because they decide to address women hence they have specialize in that and have done particularly well in that respect.

The products catalogue is both diverse and inclusive. There are products that are affordable and expensive. They have done well to meet the ladies at the budgets and give them style that will make their friends jealous.

Also if you find it difficult to tow the line of Jumia or Konga you can follow payporte. They have an easily searchable and understandable website that has nothing like brand names on it. You should look for brand names somewhere else.


5. The5kShop.

Recently short on cash while looking for where to buy good-looking fashion pieces that are not expensive then I present to you the 5k shop. A shop where your looks don't break your bank account.

The 5k shop is a women online fashion store whose mission is budget friendly fashion pieces, all for women who has more things to use money for than shopping for expensive clothes.

They know looks are very important for women and not just looks alone. I mean women want to look good and doing that under 5k is a hell of work. What I am thinking here is that they are really doing well. To be able to operate at that price point is not really easy.

That is why, when shopping on this site there are some day, you see some of the clothing categories empty without entries. But you should check out this store from time to time. They really know how to pull their weight and give you something cool to take home.

A good amount of their products are unbranded, but who cares about that. Branded products do come at a more expensive price and of course we won't die or wither away if we wear unbranded fashion outfits.


6. Xtamaliy.

Another name to feature on my list is the xtamaliy online store for women. A store where there is something for everyone. I kind of want to know where that name came from. It seems kinda special.

Maybe it's more of a personal choice, but xtamaliy has made sure to supply and meet every aspect of the women's online clothing space. When you go through their site, you will most likely find what you came out to look for. Even when you don't find it, you get an alternative.

They also know how to pick and display some really good looking fashion pieces which you can mix and match based on the occasion, and come out stunning and dazzling. They're pieces are that nice.

The majority of their clothes are under their brand name, that is Xtamaliy. So you won't find world renown fashion houses on this list. However, as I said before the got something for everyone. The product prices goes all the way from the super affordable to the average category with some expensives sprinkled in to spice up the entries.

In all they are perfectly doing okay for a female only online shop. Even if they might not have lots in terms of inventories, you still got a good product range to select from.


7. Feelynx.

Based in Lagos and Abuja, Feelynx wants to become a shop of choice for women who shop online. And according to them they are here for that and they began working on the path they have chosen.

The first impression of the site is that of a onestop shop for anything female wears in Nigeria. The store has lots of brands all listed for affordable prices. I was really surprised at the volume of products they displayed on their store front.

They really started with a bang and are good to go. But I think something needs to be done on their product categories. It is not easy to find whatever it is you are looking for. I personally had a hard time going through the site myself and most people are not patient.

However with that aside, they really are doing well for themselves there. Products are good, prices are considerable. You can shop for a lot of things all at one. It would have really being a good experience if not for their menu that is difficult to navigate.


8. Lagmall.

Lagmall is quite a simple online store with a limited number of inventories. They offer products in the fashion, home and electronics category. However inventories are limited on the female side of things.

What you can find are some gown styles, some brand name sneakers and one or two other products that are both good looking and will leave you wanting more.


9. Dosclothing.

Dosclothing pride themselves as the first branded online clothing store in Nigeria that specializes in female fashion. Meaning to say that they sell their own brands through their site.

Their products are really good looking and has what is takes to end up inside your shopping box. This online store is really stocked to capacity with intriguing and interesting dresses that are almost endless. Party dresses, regular dresses, shirt dresses, playsuits just name it.

There are an assortment of sizes, styles and colors to pick from. You can easily see what you like and go for what you like. They have made it easy by bringing something for everyone and making it easy for you to find that something.

You could also find tops of different categories. Suits, shirts, t suits and others. Leaving you much in the way of choices. They also have one special category I think you ladies will love. That is the matching set category where any thing you buy is a pair of up and down. Here you can get a really good set and showboff with that.

The product prices are really reasonable. They usually range from around #8k to around #30k. You can find something you need and save some money in the process. Quality fashion at a reasonable price, everyone is satisfied


10. Sojoee.

Based in Lagos, this online store has meant to dominate the online space little at a time. It's a long term goal after all. Why the rush.

With a carefully selected inventory of stylish female wears, sojoee has made shopping online for better and budget friendly female wears, easy as pie. And they're still doing that.

You can find meaningful fashion trends and staples for you to buy and try out for your outfits. Their product categories are numerous but products under each category are not as much as expected. Products are also lowly priced, as it can get as low as #3000. And as such they are mostly unbranded models.

Currently, at the time of writing they offer free nation wide delivery for orders over #50k. What are you looking to order online?. Do it fast while offer still stands.


11. Dexstitches.

Ah finesse. This online store is really a breathe of fresh air. For once you are not suppressed with lots of offers and pieces that although makes it easy to find what you are looking for, it would seem a little bit out of place on this site.

Their limited inventory are placed so well that even if you could not find what you are after, you've had a good shopping experience. A feeling which might not be possible on a larger store. I felt like each product was there to serve a purpose.

As I have said, the products here are very limited especially on the women inventory and they could really use some additions. But I kind of love the store already. The store has alot of categories but with a lot less pieces per category.

The prices are fairly affordable as the cheapest starts at around #8000 to around #45000. That's a fairly good place to be in. And mind you, all their products are branded products. You can't find unbranded in this store. In fact, I think I am ready to finish my article here. But.... I must continue.


12. Garmspot.

Run oh! This is something else entirely. With this store, I think things are beginning to turn for the better when it comes to shopping online in Nigeria, particularly for women fashion.

This growing online store have started playing the game in another way. In a more stylish and compliments demanding way.

Looking through the products, I was almost instantly sucked in by the assortment of styles and fashion it exhibited. 

Talk about shorts, dresses, matching sets they have it all. And in no small style. Its like the items are almost dripping with contagious styles. Waiting for who to pick them up. You should really check it out for yourself.

Talking about pricing, the products really go up in the nairas and are slightly more expensive. They range from let's say a bit less than #20,000 and go way up into #40k & #50k. But I think the quality warrant the prices.


13. MiskayBoutique.

Miskay started in 2012, growing to a brick and mortar store before moving online and has been doing fine since then. What really attracted my attention to this site is the huge amount of followers on Instagram. I was really surprise. It was about 440k+. Wow. After watching them a bit, I discovered who they were.

Miskay boutique has really done well for our Nigerian women simply by giving them something with spice, something nice with reasonable price to keep them covered and relevant.

Their catalogue of products are just fascinating and really beautiful to say the least. You ladies will surely has a good time shopping on this site. 

And to give a well rounded shopping experience, miskay has made it their business to see that they provide you with lots of wears from different categories. There are kimonos, jackets, playsuits, short dresses, jeans, tops, skirts and on and on and on. Pay them a visit.


14. Besaz Boutique.

Nothing shines better than the dress inventory of this awesome store. Coming loading with lots of women fashion pieces categories, the dress segment is what really had an impact on me.

They present a very stylish assortments of dress for you to chose from. It comes in lots of colors, sizes, and designs. You are sure to pick something that will make your shopping worth doing.

And besides that, the are other sections to check out. Like the section for bodysuits, footwears and others. You can find one or two more pieces to make your shopping a completely enjoyable activity.

The prices of the products hover at reasonable prices of about #7,000 and #30,000. Their quality items and reasonable price tags are one perfect combo shopping-loving women like.


15. Mobos Fashion.

Starting a fashion label, VR Label in 2015, Mobos has since began selling of company made and branded women wears both within and outside the borders of Nigeria.

Their products are known for quality, because that is what they stand for. Their dresses are available in a variety of style and design. With the aim of pleasing their fashion minded customers.

They sell lots of products. Dresses, shirts, shorts, skirts, jackets etc just name it. Their inventory is almost impossible to run through in a day. There is just so much that are available.

As an online store with a label, their products range from a fairly affordable segment to an equally expensive segment. There are other accessories for you to choose from whenever you are in the for good quality, rare brand name items.


International Stores.

16. Amazon.

Amazon the same e-commerce giant is like the biggest name on this list. And of course they should be on this list. Amazon has all it takes to be your default online store for anything, including quality women clothes and accessories.

Their inventories is loaded with both luxury and budget friendly. You will find lots of luxury products, both the known and unknown. Here you will shop till you drop and you will continue because there are lots to see and buy.

Amazon have some pretty low cost fashion brands and products but you will generally spend a bit more money due to currency conversion and other things that cannot be overlook like shipping.

However, when you want to buy quality in quantity then you can pick them. When you shop lots of wears at a time you basically reduces some expenses and save some money due to their promotions.


17. Mango.

Mango is a very stylish online store that dresses women on a global scale. They are operating in virtually every country in the world and they make sure nobody looks the same after shopping at their place.

They have their list of quality brands and product suppliers who are willing to work out a good product all for your enjoyment.

But mind you this is an international store, so be prepared to spend some good amount of money to get what you want as their products are really on the high side. I guess you will love them when you really have the money enough to shop here. But until then, you do it the way you have always done.


18. Shein.

A king in the fast fashion space and a name to be reckoned with. Shein is known for their really cheap clothes. It's like one of the cheapest in the world the prices for their products are impossible to believe.

Shein is an international online store that has drawn a lot of attention from people both good and bad, but is a go to for fast fashion the world over. Although quality can be an issue at times but for those prices you really don't have much to say.

If you want to shop outside the shores of the country while spending less than is necessary, you could really use shein. The site is very necessary. It saves you money.



With this piece of information, you are as prepared as I am to take the online female fashion space by storm. It's really time to take action. No more dilly-dally. You could really give yourself a healthy dose of good fun. Perhaps a shopping therapy.

And as you can see each online store has its perculiarities, weaknesses and strengths. So you are free to pick any online store of choice and make it your go-to store. It's your choice after all. 

But you must make sure that you pick what's best and convenient for you. Always. You will want to stay safe as you move forward to make your fashion purchases online.

And there you have it the best online fashion stores in Nigeria made with women in mind.

Happy shopping.

Victor Love

A Student and a learning Entrepreneur wanting to know more. I'm open to advice, tips, partners and critics alike. Let's do better.

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