The Best Online Stores You can Shop from in Nigeria.

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Shopping online has become a trend that has come to stay. All around the world, more and more people have began to hop on this trend thanks to the numerous advantages and benefits it offers.

Talk about making purchases in the comfort of your soft couch and having all the items delivered to you without you ever going out yourself to get them. All transactions are done with the tap of a button or a few buttons.

Shopping online has grown in the Nigeria space and it is expected to grow as the days go by. The number of online transactions going on daily has shown that the online business is picking up really well and making progress.

The benefits of shopping online are many. Today you can buy anything you want online. Food stuffs, cooked food, electronics, books, furnitures etc. You can shop round the clock like 24/7 without stressing out. You have access to a wide range of unique products which you might not have known about, and generally you discover a lot of things as you shop online.

But should you shop online? In my opinion you should. Shopping online is safe to a reasonable extent and I can say that there is definitely nothing you want to buy that you can't buy online. Most people who shop online in Nigeria on a daily bases know that. However, if you are new to the game you should know that, and also you will need this.

Also, if you are thinking of selling online this list can serve as a starting point for you. With this you can know where to start looking when searching for a worthy e-commerce platform to begin your online journey.

So today, I want to present to you some of the best places to shop online in Nigeria. When I say best, I mean places that offer a wide range of products, provide better user experience and have proven to know what customer satisfaction is.

You might have heard about some Nigerian online stores like Jumia, Konga or might have visited once or twice. I want to say that shopping online in this part of the world has bloomed to include a lot of stores and the sector operates on a scale of more than just Jumia and Konga.

Note: The sites listed in this article were chosen because they offer quite a lot of products. There are lots of online stores that offer specific line of products I exempted those stores from this list. I will endeavour to cover them in subsequent articles.

Online Shops in Nigeria

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I will be dividing this article into two sections. The first will be for foreign online stores you can buy and ship to Nigeria. The second will address online stores within the shores of the country. 

Foreign online stores to shop in Nigeria.

Using a foreign online store in Nigeria is quite different from using a local online store. There abound advantages and disadvantages which you should know before you begin. I will be listing the main advantages and disadvantages to get you started on that.


  1. You have access to lots of brand items.
  2. You can get items for very low prices.
  3. You can access some really cool products that are really not available in your location.


  1. You have to be patient for your orders to arrive as it might require up between two weeks to a month for purchases to come in.
  2. You might also incur some extra charges depending on the items you bought.
  3. Some items are not just importable into the country so you might want it but you can get it.

For these listed points you might want to see if what you are buying is available for the local stores before you go international.

Listed foreign online stores.


Who doesn't know Amazon. I bet even kids under 10 years old with access to the internet will know what Amazon is. Ask them. Amazon is a valuable international player in the online shopping sector.

It is headquartered in the US with branches in every major corner of the world. They offer a large catalogue of products from companies in every part of the world. You will be hard-pressed to find an online retail store with the kind of inventory available on Amazon.



Amazon is to the US what AliExpress is to China. AliExpress stands as one of the top tier online stores in China and the world. A good percentage of their products are from Chinese companies and sellers and hence you get access to very lowly priced goods.



Also coming from China, gearbest is a growing e-commerce site both in China and in the international market with customers from many parts of the globe. The website is available in major languages.

They offer electronics, fashion pieces and a lot of other products at reasonable prices.



Banggood is another high ranking online site that services customers from various countries in the world. Their products catalog covers numerous items from companies both within and outside China.

Niches covered include but not limited to fashion, personal, beauty, engineering, electronics and others. With a lot of promotions to go along with it.



When you talk low prices you talk wish. Going through this online store you will be amazed at the price and offers available hence this site attract a lot of buyers.

Wish is an American e-commerce marketplace just like Amazon made for buyers and sellers but they also run warehouses in the US and Europe and deliver products round the world. 



Dhgate originally was a wholesale site with lots of suppliers but have now entered the e-commerce world. It is a platform that facilitates smooth transaction between businesses and their customers.

Goods on this store are mostly direct from the manufacturers as you will find that of the sellers and suppliers are small to medium businesses.



A popular auction site, eBay is an online store where you can find excellent deals and you can place bids on items. It operates on a good number of market places. 

Ebay help to link buyers and sellers together and make transactions easy and quick.


and so on.

Local Online Stores in Nigeria.

Moving down to Nigeria, local online stores have endeavored to provide us with good products and services, both global ones and location specific types. 

Local online stores are good because they are tailored to the Nigerian market as opposed to foreign markets and may serve you better is some areas like shopping for furniture and electronics, far better than foreign stores.


  1. Quick delivery times.
  2. No extra custom charges.
  3. More experience tailored to the locality.


  1. Lack of access to alot of brands like foreign international stores.
  2. Needed to be vetted due to trust issues.

Listed Local online stores.


Who doesn't know jumia, I bet you do. As one of the foremost e-commerce stores in Nigeria, Jumia has shown us that they have what it takes to stay afloat and on top in the ever-changing online space.

And not in Nigeria alone, they have made their presence felt all across the continent. When it comes to shopping online Jumia is highly respected brand name much like Amazon of the US or AliExpress of China.



Their closest rival, Konga refuse to allow them have it all. Much like Jumia, Konga is an house hold name in the e-commerce sector but unlike Jumia that has each site design for a different location, Konga has a single site that operate throughout Africa but it functions mainly in Nigeria for now.



Calling the city of Abidjan home, the Ivorian company, Afrikrea is one of the fast growing online stores operating within the shores of Africa and made for Africa. Though not in Nigeria, I listed it under local because it is far more closer than those listed in the foreign category.

On this site you won't find anything electronics or appliances. What you will find are quality fashion pieces, personal accessories, bags, groceries,furnitures and a lot of unique items.



Next on the list is U-buy. This companies has the international status as it operates sites across the world and serve customers from various countries. However, it has a Nigerian store made for Nigeria market.

As a international store, you have access to a large number of brands and products which cuts across almost anything you can think of.



Jiji was founded in 2014 in Lagos and it has grown to become a market place where Africans meet for buying and selling of new and used products.

In Jiji there exists some product categories you wouldn't find in some other Nigerian online stores. Here you can purchase used items like cars, phones, laptops, electronics just name it.



Olist is another powerful e-commerce site in Nigeria where you get to buy almost anything. Cars, electronics etc. You even get to see placement for real estates on sale and services being offered. Not to forget that there is a job category for job seekers.



Slot is more of an electronics store with categories that include home appliance, laptops, smartphones and a lot of personal electronic accessories. Their products are selected from quality brand names available in the Nigerian market.

Aside from the variety of electronics system available for sale you can also buy quality furnitures for beautifying your home.



Basmall is a trending online marketplace that features a wide selection of electronics products. You can also buy clothings and other fashion accessories. They have a category where they feature security and surveillance systems you install for safety in your home. 

Looking through their  product range you can also lay your hands on some spy devices like spy glasses, spy watches, recorders etc.



Kara is another growing online store that has made it their mission to transform the online market place in Nigeria. They have partnered with both international and local brands to help deliver quality products and services to their customers.



The online mall is focused on the technology and electronic part of the Nigerian online sector hence the name Techmall. Looking for smartphones, laptops, softwares, power systems and other computing accessories they got you covered.


Other online stores to check out and their scope of operations.


Categories: Job listing, Electronics, Fashion, Real Estate, Cars and services.



Categories: Consumer Electronics, Male/Female Fashion, Headphones and Home Supplies.



Categories: Grocery, Consumer Electronics, Male/Female/Child Fashion, Headphones, Computer, Car Services, Pets, Home Supplies etc.



Categories: Consumer Electronics, Tech, Accessories and Lifestyle Products.



Categories: Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Automotive, Home and Beauty Products etc.



Categories: Consumer Electronics, Fresh/Frozen Food, Drinks, Health, Office and Home Supplies.



Categories: Focused mainly on Used Products that features Consumer Electronics, Personal Gadgets and Home Appliances.



Categories: Consumer Electronics, Computers, Small/Big Kitchen Gadgets, Home Electronics and Office Supplies.



Categories: Electronics, Computers, Appliances, Gym Equipment and Home Supplies.



Categories: Computers, Headphones, Technology Accessories and Home/Office Furnitures.



Categories: Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Industrial Equipments, Kids Supplies, Groceries and Wine shop.


In The End

Shopping online shouldn't be difficult and hard, because you have one more weapon in your arsenal. But I want to say that you shouldn't be sacred to shop online if you are new to it. 

Online stores come and go. Things happen no matter whatever you do and it doesn't matter whether you shop online or offline.

You should see reviews and consider other important things like payment options, shipping and returns from each store whenever you want to shop or buy something from that store. You do that so you are on a more safer ground when making your purchase.

And aside from that, I think it makes sense to shop from a local store if all you need is something readily available. It is easy and less stressful to do that.

Well that's a lot of stores covered in a day. I never knew we had this much online stores in Nigeria. After working on this article I discovered more. So over to you what are your thoughts on these stores have you tried some or all of them?

All I can say is happy shopping and have a good day.

Victor Love

A Student and a learning Entrepreneur wanting to know more. I'm open to advice, tips, partners and critics alike. Let's do better.

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