The 11 Online Stores To Visit For Quality Men's Wears In Nigeria.

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As a guy living in this ever changing world, looking good is something that sits high on the to-do list and what better way to do that than getting something good and fitting to put on. So, either you shop for your clothes online or offline, you have to get the shopping going. 

And one of the easiest way to do that is you take your pick from the list of best online stores for man clothes and take as little as 20 minutes to visit the site and make your choices, add to cart and pay, then you wait for a few days to a week depending on location to get your goods delivered.

I said the ‘best online stores’ because some online stores just don't have the capacity to deliver products with the kind of look and consistency some discerning buyers want. So the best is better sought out for a pleasant and safe online shopping experience.

A List of the Best Online Stores in Nigeria for Male Clothes and Wears

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You might have not tried your hand at this online shopping thing and it does not really seem like something you might want to do. Are the advantages really worth it? Consider this scenerio.

You are busy, the 9-5 work kind of guy, so you took some time out, went to the boutique, got yourself some new clothes and a few other accessories and your wardrobe gets the stock it wanted. With that you feel your are settled for some time.

Fast forward a few weeks or months depending on your use and wardrobe demands, you find yourself wanting to get a few more wears but men, you just don't have the time to spend shopping for some new clothes, I think you need to rethink your do's and don'ts.  

Apart from time saving and being super easy to do, online shopping bring you face to face with lots of promos and bonuses that you normally will not have access to in a regular brick and mortar store.

Moving for that, and maybe you are not the guy with limited free time, but you just feel like purchasing a few wears or you are in search of a particular item, that you can't find in your local boutique, you should consider going online. It's going to be really helpful for you as those moments.

So what's coming to you today? Just my comprehensive list of the best online stores in Nigeria to buy your male clothings and wears. Places to turn to for compliment-worthy and durable pieces.

But before we move on, one piece of advice. Be mindful when you visit these e-commerce stores because shopping there will become something you look forward to doing when the need arises. I sincerely hope you have good experiences shopping in the store of your choice.

Best Stores to Buy Quality Male Clothes in Nigeria:


This online store needs no introduction. Alot of us know the name Jumia and this name has become synonymous to online shopping in Nigeria. If someone has a reason to buy something online the first e-commerce store that comes to his/her mind is Jumia.

Jumia has positioned themselves as one of the best online stores in Nigeria with an exhaustive product catalog containing almost everything you can think of. And men's clothing is one of those. 

They sell all types of men's wear from pants and polos to suits and jackets they have it all. And if there is a single store where you can be sure to find that particular item which you are searching for, then move over to jumia and get it over with.

Aside from the size of products and sections, they offers lots of promos as various times of the year to help their customers purchase good products at competitive prices.



Konga has also attempted to distinguish itself as an online clothing store worthy of consideration for quality men's wears and clothings. They offer quite a lot of products to match any need.

Although their store isn't as easy to navigate when you are searching for a specific item, there are a lot of alternatives present if for any reason you just could not find whatever is it you are looking for.

The site feature products from all end of the spectrum. From budget friendly to more expensive. So no matter if you are shopping on a budget or you have the enough cash to spend on some quality wears, they have you covered.

There is not shortage of promos to make their new and repeat buyers happy whenever they shop on the platform.



When it comes to looking different when compared to the next person you should pay a visit to Dexstitches. This store has projected itself as a store dedicated to making sure their customers appear in the best they have.

With their collection of male wears you will really stand among other things. The shop delivers top of the line wears with an appropriate pricing that matches the value and worth of the items

This is a fashion zone that can completely change your orientation on fashion and male wears, when you buy consistently from their shop and due to the products you find there.

And no matter what you are looking for, from tops to pants, sweatshirts, coords and boxers, just name it. You are sure to get a worthy option that will be your next favorite.



When you have some money to spend and I mean SPEND then Garmspot is the next best destination to invest in. The products you find here are branded and top of the line. Talk about brands like Nike, Habari, Adidas etc you find their products here. Aside from well-known brands, Garmspot also offer their own branded products.

Here, the base price for a pair of pants can set you back an average of ₦20000. And I mean a base price because a lot of their goods are not base at all, the items you get are in one word, quality.

The price aside, the Garmspot store also deliver delightful shopping experiences with a properly categorized product selection. You can easily find whatever is it you want either you search by brands, or by product type or by price, in a few clicks you are done shopping.



Nigeria has no shortage of online stores with quality product and obeezi is one of them. This store endeavors to supply all kind of men's product that help a discerning man stay in style. There is always something to go home with at the end of a shopping trip.

Product prices are more on the middle ground. Not too expensive and not too cheap. So with some funds you can get something nice for yourself. And apart from that they sometimes offer price cuts for some special products. These can save you some good cash.


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David Wej.

When you are in search of a Nigerian brand with international appeal look no further than David Wej. This online store for men wears don't only operate in Nigeria, the store also delivers services to customers in the United Kingdom.

Founded in 2008, they have consistently delivered in terms of quality good and service experiences. The products sold are under their brand name and are top of the line quality. And when I say top of the line, you should know that they are a worthy option because some celebrities actually wear this brand.

If you think of buying here, I should let you know that the pricing can be more on the expensive side. I am talking of 19-20k on average. And is it worth it? In short, it really is. The publicity and patronage testify to that.


Russul Boutique.

Another store to turn to for trendy and unique men wears is the Russul boutique. This Lagos based store carry an assortment of style and quality for men who deem it fit to shop for clothes on their platform. And who have to capacity to do just that.

Their products catalog covers pants, tops, suits, etc and apart from clothings you can also shop for other accessories like watches, wristbands, sunglasses and many more. You shop a well rounded look.

But mind you, it is not one of the most beautiful sites available to buy clothes from but, they have done okay by making sure product categories can be filtered making it easy to search for what you want to buy. 


Gees Collect.

This is a made for guy clothing store that knows what it takes to give men something nice to wear and show the world what they are. I won't say much I will let them tell you what they are about. Here's their line.

We source for genuine and unique products from around the globe and bring it straight to you with no hassles. Shop with ease and order various fashion products that suit your needs and style. We also offer a fast, seamless and reliable delivery system Nationwide. 

In the same vein, we have made an extra effort to use the High-Tech SSL-Technology to guarantee you a safe and well secured shopping experience with us. This is to ensure that all your data is protected on our site. Do have a beautiful shopping moment here at GEEs Collect. You are valuable to us!

Are you really valuable to them? I guess a trial will convince you, when you have the money though because they don't come cheap my gee.


Bobos Clothing.

Bobos Clothing is one of the few stores on this list that operates with a very limited product range. They mainly sell suits, some pants, blazers and a few casual wears. Adding in some accessories and that all.

However, besides the fact that their products are few in numbers, I think it actually helps shoppers make eazy decisions on what to buy and when to buy. And since it doesn't come cheap, you don't come for mistake shopping unless you are with the dough, of course.

And, if you are the type that loves where you can get lots of products across various prices and designs, I think it is best to look elsewhere as this store might not be able to meet up with your demand or deliver what you want.


Ajebo Market.

Ajebo, I am kind of curious as to why the name is Ajebo. I guess the store was made for ajebutters only. Pun intended.

Ajebo Market is quite a popular name on the Nigerian online space and the mindful delivering of quality to their customers has made it so. A trip to this online market place exposes you to something ajeboish.

The products sold are quite limited in quantity but for the few ones available you do have some varieties to choose from. You can get joggers, regular pants, classic tops, polos, some suits and more. 

Here you will find some popular brand names like Polo, Tommy Hilfiger etc.. Be prepared to pay a brand name price, but that is quite affordable for the products you get.



To round up this list is the last one that I think needs to be included here and that is Kaiglo. Like some on this list, Kaiglo deals on male wears and accessories.

However, taking a scroll through, you won't find much in terms of wears, the products range is really limited. This is something I would really love for them to topup and add more.

But I love this store for their product prices. Men they are affordable. And not just that, I don't know how, but they seem to feature some interesting products that are not regular making you just want to buy them and use for yourself.



You cannot overemphasize the important of quality clothing and wears as a guy and knowing where to look for what you need is paramount to consistent good looks. The online stores on this list delivers on trend and quality in their product catalog, all to make shopping fun and easy.

Shopping at these listed sites gives you access to quality products and saves you time for other things. And not only that, you get regular promotion and benefits you really will enjoy.

With these, you should know where to shop for quality wears online at both budget friendly and premium prices. And tap into the benefits of online shopping all while receiving quality service and safer experience.

Keep shopping.

Victor Love

A Student and a learning Entrepreneur wanting to know more. I'm open to advice, tips, partners and critics alike. Let's do better.

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