Need A 5G Upgrade? These Smartphone From Infinix Should Make Your List.

Infinix 5g smartphones in Nigeria- UniqueMag

Infinix has done it again. Though to most people they might be considered a kind of low level brand or in better term, a budget brand, they have shown that they too can evolve and move forward flowing along with the tech of time.

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Talking about evolving? we talk the 5G compatible. Are you surprised? Don't be. Because when you ask people who love and are fans of this smartphone brand, they will tell you that this is the start of better things. Moving forward.

Infinix 5G Smartphones to consider for an Upgrade.

Not too long ago, Infinix released some phones compatible with 5g connectivity. Most people will not be aware as the news has not really picked up as I had expected. However if you are reading this, I think I have done well to inform you that you can get your 5G infinix phone Right Now.

The 5g connectivity had it's fair share of controversies during the developmental and reworking stages. With a lot of theories going on and on about the effects of the technology on our wildlife ecosystem and our environment. But what I see is more and more companies building 5G friendly smartphones waiting for us to patronize them.

The sales are coming in, even if by a little and I think 5g has come to stay for the time allotted to it before the next network upgrade, hopefully. Why not join the bandwagon and enjoy while it last.

So if you are like every other smartphone and gadget loving person in Nigeria, at this moment you will be curious to know what infinix 5g smartphones have to offer. What are the specs, the prices and where can I buy them online and offline. 

Don't worry I got you covered because in this article, I will try as much as possible to lay out the hidden awesomeness in these latest 5g smartphones from Infinix.

But a brief warning. These phones should not be underestimated because if you do you will likely come to regret the decision. I think you should consider them carefully and see how they add value to you. Most especially, if you are in the market for a new phone and you happen to have the equivalent asking price.

So without wasting much time, let's jump right in to the business of the day; Infinix 5G smartphones you can buy in Nigeria and their prices.

As of now all prices are speculations. The products are not currently available in the Nigeria market. Will add if when it becomes available.

The products are not currently available on line. So you can check partnered shops close to you or give them a call. Visit -

1. Infinix Note 12 Pro 5g.

Infinix note 12 pro 5g smartphone in Nigeria- UniqueMag

Starting in no particular order is the Infinix note 12 Pro 5g, one of the recently released Infinix 5g smartphones. This phone boasts of a lot of insane functions. Beside the fact that it is compatible with the 5g network, there are a lot going on within that you should know about.

The Powerhouse Pro.

Starting with the major selling point of this phone, it boasts the 5G for both NSA and SA bands. This makes the 5G functional across a lot of global network bands. So wherever you are, you can trust your 5G to function well with the presence of good network connectivity.

Moving on there is a smart5G function that simply make switching for 4g to 5g and back easy. This simple function help to save on power and enable proper power management so you battery lasts longer.

And talking about batteries, this guy prides itself on a 5000mah battery pack that lasts for a really good amount of time. And it has a strong backup in form of a 33W fast charging function to give you more power in a short charge time.

Cameras are one thing with this phones as the brand went all out to give it a matching system. A 108MP triple camera with lots of added embellishments like special lens and micro focus setup to give ultra clear pictures and selfies both during the day and at night time.

The system RAM and ROM had a few upgrade to make them up to standards. This came in form of a RAM that is up to 13gb. That's not new but that something not to underestimate when it comes to speed and multitasking.

In looks, this phones has a good chunk of cool to spare. It is really sleek with about 92% screen to body ratio. And not to forget, the screen is an AMOLED display. So there is an equivalent high level resolution to feed your eyes.

Others interesting features are dual speakers at both shorter ends, efficient cooling system, multi window setup and lots and lots.

Price of the Infinix Note 12 Pro 5g.


2. Infinix Note 12 5G.

Infinix note 12 5g smartphone in Nigeria- UniqueMag

Coming down from the high standards of the Pro, we have the Infinix Note 12. Here I am thinking that I should have started with this one before the Pro but that had already been done. This model features some really good specifications that shows it also has things to offer the discerning buyer.

The Established Upcoming.

First this version has the same 5g setup as the Pro version. Hence it has good functionality across network bands, has a smart power management function that keeps you on for long. The dual sims are 5G at the same time.

The compromise begins with the next part, the RAM. While the pro sports a ram total of 13gb this one gets up to 9gb for itself.

Moving to the camera systems you get 50MP triple camera with both a depth lens and an AI lens for quality shots. Also you have 16MP selfie cameras all for your pleasure. Hopefully you don't spend all day taken selfies.

I think the body shape of both model runs the same, with both having an AMOLED screen and 92% screen to body ratio. All while sporting a 7.9mm ultra sleek design.

Another thing this model promises is a brilliant immersive gaming experience. The system has been worked upon to help with proper control, coordination and handling during gaming movement.

The battery stays strong with a capable 5000mah and a standard 33W fast charging. This boasts better battery lifespan and juice, and give more charging speed.

It operates on the XOS v10.6 which Infinix terms the better way. And I think they're right.

Price of the Infinix Note 12 5g.


3. Infinix Zero 5G.

Infinix zero 5g smartphone in Nigeria- UniqueMag

The last one I want to tell you about is the Zero 5g a powerful device in its own right. A device you don't want to miss out of. After giving the number one and number two some cool headings I don't have any to give to number three. Thinking.... Got it.

The Power of Zero.

Like the others, this option also prides itself on that 5G super fast connectivity for internet browsing and downloads that go through, at the speed of light, saving you some extra time to do something more meaningful than downloading, in life.

The power capacity of 5000 mah is what it is loaded with to give usage time that is reliable. Also you can charge up in lesser time with that charger boosting 33W.

I found something interesting in this particular one. It was made using Infinix's first ever hardware that supports large file transfers within the system. And this helps to shorten loading time for large games and other files. I really hope to see how well that works out for them on subsequent reviews.

One thing I can't miss is the camera of this phone. The camera comes at a little over 50MP and has some very COOLL perspective to spice up the smartphone. The camera has ultra clear snaps up to the 30x zoom function. Adding to that, it has a 960 fps for high quality slow motions. So you can do a few videos with a unique touch and send it to friends, to make them jealous.

There are efficient cooling systems in place to check up and regulate the temperature and also to enable proper functionality of the overall device.

The specifications includes the available Android 11, powerful games boosting hardwares and management systems. Others include better quality audio, smooth screen with immersive displays and a good touch of kosmic black, horizon blue and skylight orange, the three colors it comes in.

Price for the Infinix Zero 5g.


Round Up.

Infinix is known for their lovely phones that are budget friendly, but expensive looking. They have shown us that they know what they do by making us good phones, we love. Phones our money can buy.

So when you need to go faster than how you did before, they have presented these wonderful alternatives and given you a chance to rock the 5G boat. And I bet you will be glad you did.

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