Lifestyle Naija Blog: The Why and the How.

Hi, Welcome to Lifestyle Naija Blog. 

First the introductions. In this space, I go by the name Victor Love. That's a pen name, but also the translation of my real name.

This blog was created to be something special that has never being seen in the Nigerian blogging space. I had envisioned it to be something new and unique. A one of a kind.

I got that idea when my last blog just couldn't pick up as I would have liked it to. That blog was designed to be something different and of a very high standard. After it failed to get off the ground and grow, I decided to switch my focus to my country and start from here.

So, I bought this domain as an expired domain. I kinda liked what the previous owner was doing and I plan to tow that part but with something more. Some really good extras and add ons.

Here I plan to cover a lot of topics as time goes on. But for now I want to see how well I can grow because that would motivate me to continue. So keep up with us here. Greater things ahead.

Victor Love.

Victor Love

A Student and a learning Entrepreneur wanting to know more. I'm open to advice, tips, partners and critics alike. Let's do better.

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